For your third birthday Grandma Sandy took you to Toys R Us to pick out a big girl bicycle. You picked out a Malibu Pretty in Pink one that had a doll seat on the back so you could bring Rebecca along for a ride. You almost picked out a different bike because it came with a bell. But we told you we could put a bell on any of them so you decided on this one (with the bell, of course, and a Princess helmet and pads). You were hesitant to give up your Little Tykes bike since it was easier to ride but you saw all the older kids in the neighborhood riding their bikes and thought youÂ’d give it a try.

The hardest part of raising a child is
teaching them to ride bicycles. A shaky
child on a bicycle for the first time
needs both support and freedom. The
realization that this is what the child
will always need can hit hard.

Zig Zag Stitching - GC Frosty Fun, Digital Design Essentials

Jelly Circles, Diamond Paper - Shabby Princess's Sweet Sprinkles

Gingham bow - Shabby Princess's Tea Party

Inked Edges - GC Frosty Fun

Brushes - Flower by Rhonna Farrer, photo border by Misprinted Type

Fonts: Arial Narrow, Pegsanna HMK, Vegetable (practice)


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