Love these kits!

Happy Birthday to me! Okay, my birthday is not until Sunday but I bought myself some new digital scrapbooking kits for my birthday. I chose Ronna's Old World Charm, Mo's Flea Market Finds: Ashley, Anna's Little Charmer (with no drop shadows so I can add my own), and Denise's Serenity page kits. This is my first time with Ronna and Mo kits. I am excited to start creating with them. I'm downloading them right now. My dh is not getting me a hobby-related bday gift this year (as he usually does) because 30 is a milestone, a special birthday, something to be remembered. He got me a pair of beautiful earrings. Truly exquisite. Thank you honey!! And he's so cute. He can't hold onto a present if he gets it early so he gave them to me last week (he did the same thing for our engagement - he had the ring and had this picnic idea planned but then couldn't wait so he proposed to me over leftover Chinese (as I was heating up the mixed soup - wantons in egg drop soup - in the microwave at his parents house)! Now it's a tradition to order in Chinese on the day we got engaged! And, of course, I always get mixed soup!!

Last night while surfing around I found some great scrapbooking blogs. I'll be posting them on the sidebar soon. So check back soon!

Just came back from my local garden center where we picked out some cute flower and most importantly, our strawberry plants. Yummm! Can't wait to pick big strawberries from the garden. While there I saw apple trees. I totally want an apple tree. They didn't have my favorite eating apple from the market (Gala) - I'll to do some dh heavy convincing... the last time I bought a tree it wasn't exactly successful. It was a peach tree (I LOVE peaches) and it was shipped bareroot and I planted it as instructed in the enclosed directions... and then I waited. And waited. Two years went by and my dh said he thought it was time to throw the dead twig in the garbage. I was in denial for those 2 years but finally acquiesced. Sob Sob. I WILL try again - but this time with a nectarine tree since my love for nectarines has edged out my love for peaches since the time of that tree purchase. Out to plant we go!! Time to get our hands dirty. :-) I love this time of year!!!


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