My daughter loves to have tea parties... and we either have a tea party or a birthday party almost everyday. She takes it very seriously - we have to gather all of her dolls from every part of the house to the tea party location. If she's hungry we almost always have to give the "dolls" some goldfish crackers and our teapot is filled with water from the refrigerator which she loves to get herself. This LO (layout) was based on the Jan 29/30 day from the Autumn Leaves calendar (which is full of great ideas). Design from - Autumn Leaves - Jan 29/30

Circle Paper - Michelle Underwood's Wrapped in Color
Paisley Paper - Michelle Underwood Sweet Baby Girl
Solid Paper, Purple Dot paper - The Digi Chick's Countdown Kit
Pink flower motif paper - Gina Cabrera Happy Girl Kit - Digital Design Essentials
Ribbon, bow, buttons, flowers - Shabby Princess Tea Party
Jellin Circle, stitched fabric J, Blue Heart and Swirls Paper (colorized) - Shabby Princess Sweet Sprinkles Kit

Font - Minya Nouvelle, MA Sexy, Fontdinerdotcom


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