New Browser & Seed Starting Day

I just made the change this weekend to FireFox instead of using Microsoft Internet Explorer (glad I have my dh for keeping me up to speed on new computer stuff and the latest music) for surfing the web. I'm really digging the tabs that you can create inside the browser interface. And I like the search bar that allows you to search not just google (because I'm a big fan of IE's google bar) but also Amazon, Yahoo, dictionary.com, and eBay all without having to go to their homepage.

Today was seed starting day at my house. I let my dd play around with the dirt and fill up the flats. Then she helped me pick out some seeds to plant. I started my tomatoes and peppers along with some annual flowers. I have no idea if it's too early or late to be planting these but I'm not as organized this year (and too lazy to look at the database I put together last year) so we went ahead and just planted.

The baby is going through a growth spurt and is eating every 1.5 - 2.5 hours during the day. I hope this doesn't continue into the night. I am almost positive that his allergy is to dairy because I had a delicious meal that was heavy on the dairy last night and he was broken out today (J - if you're reading this it's not your fault - and thank you for having us over because we enjoyed seeing you guys - and dinner was so yummy). This is the closest proof I've had so far since he was clearing up from all the medicine and I cut dairy waaay back. So I'll be having a bagel and hummus tomorrow morning for breakfast... that's okay I'm all out of Wegman's scallion cream cheese anyway. I'm inadvertently turning my hubby into a food snob. He had some other cream cheese this morning and he said it was gross in comparison. Yep, once you have the good stuff it's hard to go back.


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