Cold, dreary day

Today the weather is COLD! What happened to the Summer weather we had last week? Well that's Spring for you. Both kids are napping right now (which you know means that they will not be going to bed at a normal time - uggh!).

We had our Passover seder last night just the 3/4 of us (Ryan was cranky so he spent most of the seder in his crib). I love matzo ball soup. I brought some over to my neighbor who had never had them before and she loved it. J ate only matzo ball soup and charoset for dinner last night. But I do remember doing something similar when I was a kid (probably 2 bowls of soup for me though - I love my soup - even to this day).

We visited with some friends earlier in the day and then went to the mall to return a shirt that hubby needed to bring back (exchanged them for shorts for me - 2x my normal size - ick). I did get to visit Beadazzled, a really cool bead store (I was inspired after reading about Holly's Crafting Weekend). I found some stuff that I was going to get but the line was so long and I heard some members of my *very cranky* crew outside so I cut the visit short. That's why online shopping is perfect. I can shop after the kids are asleep. When I can have a complete thought. No rushing. No feeling guilty that someone is wanting my attention while I'm off doing something that I enjoy. No attitude. No dirty looks. But tonight instead I will probably spend time getting some space back on my hard drive. I have to clean it off about once a week now because of my digital scrapbooking hobby. Between the layouts, the kits I buy, the freebies... it takes up tons of disk space (but my scrap space is so clean compared to what it would be if I was paper scrapping!). Last night was a CD burning night too.

No workout today. Should, but I feel so dog-gone tired. Maybe it's the weather. This week there's no school so finding some time will be challenging but I really need to DO IT.

Good news - our CSA application got accepted. We'll be getting yummy fresh-from-the-farm produce starting in May!!

On our way to our friend's house I was reading through a Fine Cooking mag that's been sitting in my car, unread.. so I have some cooking inspiration for the upcoming weeks. Some braised veggies. Pan-searing recipes for chicken and salmon that are mouth-watering. AND there was a recipe for the perfect spaghetti and meatballs that looked delicious - and there was nothing exotic. It was probably the kind my mom made growing up - I'll have to run it by her to see if it's the same. The article and recipes were written by Frank Pellegrino (of Rao's - the same makers of my favorite bottled marinara sauce) - it's a gotta try.

Here's a LO *in progress* for Ryan's first year baby album. For each month I'm doing a 2-page LO with all the pictures I want Ryan to see when he's grown for that particular month (even if they don't always coordinate with one another). I like the Neutron Kit from Digital Design Essentials but I know that my top left photo and the small group photo don't match. I didn't love how it looked when the photos were B&W. Still trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I'll let it sit for now. (My Baby You'll Always Be tag is by Traci Simms.).


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