Knittin' Again

After receiving my Rowan magazine (and letting it sit for a month) I decided to pick it up and read it. There were several things that I thought were very nice so I picked up my knitting needles again after a few months break. I badly need to seam up the sweater that I've been knitting for my daughter that's been finished for months. She could have worn it this past Fall and Winter but it sat in a bag with no sides or sleeves. So my goal is to finish it soon! Maybe she'll be able to wear it for any chilly days or nights this Spring. It'll still fit this Fall (hopefully). And I did some rows on Imp (see sidebar for a pic, as I don't have any news ones today - but stay tuned). I also did 2 rows of intarsia - a first!! I have no idea if I did it right. I'll have to see if it turns out to be hole-y!!

I found a new park today (new-to-me). It's so much fun to find new places and things that bring joy to my little girl's face! She was having a great time climbing up steps and speeding down the slides. And I don't even have to mention the slides, do I? The best. While we were there we also ran into some of her preschool friends so that made it all the more fun! Of course, I didn't bring water since it was an impromptu, after-carpool-drop-off park trip, just to check out this new one I heard about. I had no idea it would be a cool one that we'd want to stay at. Reminder... always bring water.

We just hung up the birdhouse that my daughter painted. I still haven't put out the one I painted - didn't have enough hands since I was holding the baby. He had his first leaf experience. It was so cute he was just playing with a leaf that I gave him to touch and he was amazed by the whole thing. It entertained him for 10 minutes!!

Oh, I don't fit into any of my non-elastic, pre-pregnancy clothes. This is a depressing fact. I should really put away my maternity clothes seeing as how my baby is *7* months old. I just don't want to buy clothes 2 sizes bigger than all my other clothes. Can I survive the summer with only elastic-y outfits? I get a headache just thinking about the swimwear that I'll need to buy. With that in mind I went for a walk today. I intended on it being a walk/run but my jogging stroller was so high up in the garage and I couldn't reach it. Perhaps another day. But I did a respectable 2 miles. And I'm exhausted.


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