Spring has Sprung!

There is something about seeing the first good asparagus and artichokes that brings a tear to my eye and lets me know that Spring is finally here! I grew up in Florida so the fact that it could even BE cool or cold on my birthday is something that I will never get used to. After row after row of disappointing vegetables at my local Giant I went to the fancy grocery store today (Wegmans!!) and was so delighted! First off, the people are so much more pleasant. They actually treat you like a customer. Like they actually appreciate that you choose to shop there over other stores! Imagine that! And the produce is gorgeous. Not as good as Whole Foods which is my fruit and veggie heaven but simply gorgeous nonetheless. I was so excited to see good looking food that surely I bought more than we will eat this week. But I will try to entice the little one with steamed asparagus with a garlic aoli. She already asked for some of my artichokes, and well I only bought 2 so I felt the preschool urge to withhold and say, "No it's mine!" -- but don't worry I always share. And I love that she WANTS and ASKS for artichoke leaves!!

You'll find me over at the Cooking Light boards again hopefully getting some dinner inspiration! I plan on grilling alot this year. I plan on trying take a peek at Steven Rachlin's marinade book. I checked it out from the library a year ago and it had lots of great recipes. Love marinading a piece of chicken, throwing it on the grill and Voila - Dinner!

Today is my dh's birthday! Happy 35th MC! I just picked up some cake for us to celebrate tonight - yum. And tonight we'll be having crab cakes with french fries for dinner.


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