We have another convert!

I used the New Beginnings Kit. I recently took this picture of the kids and noticed - hey, they both have their fingers in their mouth. J has always been a two-finger sucker and R seems to be developing into a thumb sucker when he needs comforting. And he's been gumming it because I *think* he's teething. He's been generally cranky and is running a fever so it could be something else entirely on top of teething. And I have no idea what temperature he's running because our %&*@ thermometer is missing. It's been missing since the move (yes, June 04). No I'm not totally a slacker mom... I did go and buy a new one for like 50 %&*@ dollars and I've come to discover it doesn't work!! And we threw away the packaging so couldn't return it. And I refuse (for the meantime) to buy another thermometer. I can tell if they have a fever and most of the time fevers go away (and as my good friend and pediatrician says: "a fever is the body's way of fighting of infection")... if they start acting wierd (nay, lethargic) I'll take 'em to the doctor. Do I sound more lax than all of you that know me know that I'm not? Perhaps... maybe it's because it's the second child or maybe it's the Three Martini Playdate effect (no I haven't just had three martinis... I read a book by the same title - very funny.) It's just that I've done it enough times with my first child where I've rushed to the doctor because of a fever to only have to wait forever to see the doctor and then to only hear that there's really nothing that can be done. In my defense... his diapers are wet, he's eating, he's smiling and laughing occassionally... so don't go calling Social Services because I don't have a working themometer.

Okay enough from me. Enjoy the newest layout. Thanks Holly for some fun papers to work with.

Oh, and some exciting news! I got off the phone recently with an friend from middle school and high school and she's converted to digital scrapping (just received PSE and everything and she's starting her first layout with Sweet Sprinkles by Shabby Princess - can't go wrong)! How psyched I am!! Abby, you're going to do great!! I can't wait to see your awesome creations.

She the one who turned me on to stamping and cardmaking...I'll have to post a card that she made a while back (that she probably doesn't even know that I still have)...let me go find it.

Edited to add: I looked for the scan of the card and can't find it right now... and I don't have any energy to go re-scan it. I'm pooped. I'm off to veg for a while. Nighty-night.


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