Went for a run this morning. Yep, the first real one since sometime in 2003. I felt as if I would die. Okay, I admit exaggeration but, man, it was TOUGH! My little legs didn't want to go. And it didn't help that much more of my body is giggly now than it was on my last run. I felt my whole body move up and down with each plod! Need to do this more so I can giggle less. But I feel very energetic now so I did another LO for my son's album. And I used Anna Aspnes' Little Charmer kit again. The tie is from Dianne Rigdon's Moving Day that I believe was available free in one of the recent SBB Ezines. The photo prongs are from Gina Cabrera's Shabby Prince kit. Isn't he just amazingly cute? Yes, yes, I am *very* biased. The cutie pie is sleeping right now so I am munching on some early lunch of turkey breast and smelly pesto (and oh so delicious) on... drum roll please... 100% whole wheat bread. Yes this is the baby step to healthy eating (more whole foods) that I am taking. I can't do millet as a side. I can't convince the family to eat asparagus (so I ate the whole bunch myself over a 2 day span). Gotta go pick up the big munchkin soon. Have a good day everyone!!


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