And here is sign that there is life in the garden... The first little tomatoes.

Garden Goddess

Ding Dong the mint is GONE! Yep - after two more hours on Monday it is all over! The fat lady has sung.

And my daughter and I planted more cucumbers seeds, patty pan squash, butternut squash, peas, french fillet beans, and some plants that she started from seed (sunflowers and vincas).

My whole body is so exhausted that I'm going to lay me down on my bed and rest while the kids nap and the hubby is at Best Buy, his happy place.

Digital Camera Suggestions {please}

I think I *may* be in the market for a new camera (we currently have a Nikon Coolpix 880 that we bought 4 years ago, that has a hanging-chad battery door issue that I'd like to duct tape. We went to the camera store and they said it'd be $75+ and 6-8 weeks without the camera. Mike went online and saw that we could get a whole new camera of the same model on eBay for $79 - how depressing).

I'm trying not to get too excited about it since it might not happen but I need to get my research done in case it does! So please send me comments and emails about which camera you use and what you love/hate about it and what you wish you bought, etc. I'd like a DSLR so I'm looking at the Nikon D70, Canon Digital Rebel (and the XT), and the "probably-too-rich-for-my-blood-at-the-moment-but-I-can-still-salivate-cant-I" Canon EOS 20D.

This will be the camera that both my husband and I use and I think he has no use for anything other than a digital point-and-shoot (the smaller the better for him I think) - he's probably wishing that he didn't marry someone that likes pricey electronic gadgets as much as he does (it'd be sooo much cheaper!) or at least not photography. If you're reading this honey - I LOVE YOU! And I'm sorry that I'm a pain in the a** about cameras (but if we *are* going to get a new one - we HAVE to get a DLSR. It just makes good sense.)

So send in your thoughts and opinions.

And Happy Memorial Day.
And a gigantic **Thank you** to everyone that has fought for our country past and present to make it a great and free place in which to live.


We visited a cute little town today and this is the first place we went into. I loved the name of this store.

We love books!! And this bookstore had a great children's section... complete with comfy chairs for reading with our little ones. And they had the best books. All the classics and award winners. The baby preferred all the ones that he had at home (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Goodnight Moon).. but J wanted to read tons of new ones. And all of the books were facing out (not with only the spine facing like big superstores) and within an arms reach as you can see here. You could tell that the people that stocked the books here cared about books and care about children and the people who read to them! I just loved this place.

Checking out the menu. Quiet please, important decisions being made here.

Ate lunch at a cute little shop that makes homemade marshamallows and just walked around.

And look who came along too!

Some garden shots. My young tomato plants are in back (with the icky looking tomato cages that come summer will be the garden beauties - you won't even be able to see the cages)!

Here's a cute little bunch of thyme.

My peas are a-climbin'.

What did we do yesterday? We were working in the yard to get this..

To look like this. Mint is VERY invasive. I don't know whose idea this was. Bye Bye Mint. Anyone need some mint for their mint julep or mint iced tea? In 2 weeks this stuff will be HISTORY!

Blog Update

It's almost my blogaversary and so I decided to sit down and do some much needed updating of the sidebar. Now you'll find some of the music I'm listening to, books I'm reading, and scrap blogs I'm reading... still need to add scrap links - but all in time, I say. I've removed the knitting blogs... and moved my crafty finished objects under the archives (notice no new finished objects all year - lots of scrapping + cranky baby = no knitting). That's it for now! Not sure what we are going to do today since both kids are still sick (and still cranky).

Have a fun holiday weekend!


Great Country Farms

Credits: Papers from Good Times from Scrapbookgraphics.com

Fonts: Mechanical Fun (title), Misproject (date), Day Roman (journaling)

"You woke up this morning at 5:45am screaming and crying uncontrollably with your first headache. Daddy brought you into our room and then I got you some medicine and brought you back to your room and I laid with you in bed until 7:30 just hugging you and rubbing you hoping it would make you feel better. You asked me, as you do every morning, �What are doing today, Mommy?� Today I had planned to take everyone to the farm but I was pretty sure that we were going to cancel everything and just stay home. But you began to feel better and you were really excited to see the farm animals so we hopped in the car and headed out on our journey. Once there, we went to the farm store, checked in, got a map, bought some kettle corn and animal feed and then headed to the animals! There were goats, bunnies, horses, peacocks, roosters, kitten, chicks, pigs, and my favorite, llamas! You didn�t want to feed the animals at all so Daddy and I feed the animals the first bag. But then after we ate lunch under the tall oak trees (and also near the very small amphitheater) you wanted to head back for another round of seeing the animals. You wanted me to feed the small goat, Billy, and then you were so brave that you tried it!! You howled with delight as the goat�s tickly tongue devoured all of the feed in your tiny outstretched hand! And Daddy, you and I devoured the delicious sweet and salty kettle corn. I love that you said it tasted like it had cinnamon in it! You have such discerning taste buds! I love you so much baby girl."

The chocolate croissants (actually turnovers) in progress.

I forgot to post that our CSA delivery DID come around 1:30 on Wednesday. Thanks Mom for reminding me. Here's a picture of the goodies (notice everyone has to come and check it out). It's been the coldest May in 100 years so there weren't any strawberries as is customary in the first delivery... here's what we got: asparagus (ate it within 2 hours of opening it - all by myself - in one sitting - dipped in aioli), dill (going to plant it in the garden), greens (I think this is spinach - not sure though - but I used a few leaves in my procuitto and fontina panini - delish), kale (going to use it in a soup with potatoes and leeks - I'll post the recipe when I make it - need to go to the grocery store today), and green onions - love these for stir-fry. Maybe I'll make some chicken and shrimp fried rice - since that's what I'm craving. I think that's everything. The kids are both still sick. Before my daughter went to bed last night I gave her a breathing treatment since she was wheezing (right after Mike gave our son a breathing treatment -- tag team style). My daughter woke up last night at 10 with a fever. So our weekend will likely be mostly low-key and solitary so we don't infect the rest of our neighbors, friends and friends. No neighborhood luau tonight as planned (that's okay - I forgot to buy grass skirts for us girls).


Okay I made the chocolate croissants today and they ROCKED!! They were the best that my husband and I had ever eaten! I'm not sure if was the homemade puff pastry or the fact that I could control how much chocolate was in it (and the requisite drizzle on top - which was more than a drizzle I can assure you)! We think, frankly, that there is a shortage of actual chocolate in commercial chocolate croissants... even the kind in boutique patisseries. So - yum! And we have 4 left. Was working on a LO for my friend from high school who I have reconnected with after many years... and she's starting with digital scrapbooking and I'm so excited for her! She did a very cute *first* LO with Shabby Sprinkles that was adorable a while ago and I asked her to send me some pictures and I'd surprise her. So, Ab - hope you don't hate it! Okay - for the credits: Paper from Americana Paper Pack, Alphabet Strips, Negative Sleeve, Rub-ons (on pic border), friends simply stamped (circle stamp on negative sleeve) vellum tag, chipboard stamped blue alphas, and stitching all from DesignerDigitals.com by Katie Pertiet. Red bow and friends tag from Good Times kit by Scrapbookgraphics.com. Fonts: Misproject, Day Roma, Edwardian Script, CK Marisa

Oh, the horror! I realized a few days ago that this weekend our pools will be opening. I've delayed long enough - it's bathing suit shopping time! I've spared myself the anxiety and disappointment of actually going to the stores to try on bathing suits. This year I have ordered them online. I received a Lands End catalog in the mail and since I saw cover-me-up-and-hide-my-post-baby-body skirts that go with cute tops I looked no further. They were out of the first color that I wanted (azure) so I opted for candy pink first. Then the cobalt color in the same style and the cross-over suit at the bottom I bought in black. Hope they fit - and look decent. The second horror - the cost!! $100 or more for each suit. But I know I will spending a ton of time at the pool with the kids this summer. And I'm so looking forward to it (except for the donning-a-bathing-suit part) - my daughter loves the pool more than anything in the whole world! The struggle will be getting her out of the water to come home!

Cute little top that I also got in this light cobalt.

bottoms that match.

The top...

And the control bottoms.


Puff Pastry

Today it's a puff pastry day. I don't know why I'm making this today... after all it is so easy to buy the frozen kind. I want to try it at home because (a) I can and (b) to see how it is in comparison to the store-bought kind. I took a pastry class a while back and made some in the class but I have never made it all by myself at home. I've completed the 5th turn, so have one more to do before it's puff pastry and then I'll have to decide what to do with it...maybe crescent rolls, or a present for my dh, chocolate croissants.

And today is we get our first CSA delivery!! I'm so excited. I already checked twice to see if it had come... but it has not.


Outdoor Discovery

"May 15, 2005. You found an ant marching in the driveway this afternoon and stopped playing with your dolls so you could watch its path. You wanted to know where it was going and what it was doing. You have been having some pretty big bug fears over the past two weeks (read: screaming at the sight of any bug no matter how small) so I was so proud of your curiousity and courage with this tiny creature."

Credits: Michelle Underwood's Summer Blooms

Fonts: Day Roman, Carpenter

Ooh.. look at these yummy digital papers! I saw this over at Katie's blog and I LOVE these. They are from Katie Pertiet over at DesignerDigitals.com. They will be available soon in the store.

Food Allergies

I've been researching information on babies with food allergies trying to get ideas for Ryan's diet since he seems to be allergic to a few more foods.

So now the list is: eggs, wheat, dairy, peanuts, green beans, bananas, and peas.

I'm going to need to start preparing my own baby food for most new food introductions since the ones that he hasn't tried (and almost all of the 'stage 3' foods) usually contain pasta or one of the green veggies that he's allergic too. I've been trying to find gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free teething biscuits in my local stores with no success. So I tried looking online briefly, but didn't find anything. When I have more time I'll try to find a recipe for one.

I printed out The Gluten-Free Panty's catalog list where they show an at-a-glance view of which ingredients and mixes are also egg-free, casein-free, etc. Very helpful for when I will need to start making breads for him to eat.

It's raining here today so we're going to stay inside (I showered and got right back into my pajamas) and watch movies, do finger painting, puzzles, and reading.


At the Park...Left strip from Michelle Underwood's Time of Your Life CD (striped paper from Mother's Day kit on that CD). Fonts: Weezer Font).

Here's a recent picture of us. Love my daughter's raincoat! So cute... so Spring.

Pics from our weekend farm visit.... Jessi feeding the goat.

My favorite animal was the peacock!!

This is my AAM page for Designer Digitals. All papers from Key Lime Dreams by Designer Digitals. Stitching and tag strips from Alpha Strips also from Designer Digitals.

Fonts: Weezer Font, Perpetua


the great wide open

Just got back from getting a haircut. And I'm taking the family out to the farm! I'm hoping there will be ripe strawberries and asparagus for picking!! YUM. It's a beautiful day and we're going to head outside to ENJOY it! Happy weekend!


Catch Some Sun

plain negative strip, "Create" stamp - Simply Stated Black, rectangle Vellum Tag, Sanding Overlay over main picture from Designer Digitals
Papers from Vintage Estate, Vintage Text, Floral Sunset from Designer Digitals

staple, J tag Shape - Michelle Underwood Cosmo Chic

fonts: Corinthia, Georgia, Artstamp Medium

Shabby Princess papers, brad, and twill ribbon (Boy Dirt). Staple and star brad from Shabby Smiles. Tag from Gina Cabrera's Sweet Stuff (I added some grunginess to it).

Photo prongs, bookplate, slide holder from Digital Design Essentials (Charmed kit). Papers from Shabby Princess Boy Dirt.

Boys Rule twill, stitching, and shirt tag from Digital Design Essentials (Genuine Article kit). All papers from Shabby Princess's Boy Dirt available from the http://www.ShabbyShoppe.com


Mother's Day Brunch 2004

All elements and papers from Designer Digitals

Patterned and solid papers - Botanicals Paper Pack
Zig zag and straight stitches - White Stitching
Cherish stamp - Botanical Pstage Stamps

Fonts: Artstamp Medium (MOTHERS), Arial (BRUNCH), Corinthia (Day) , AL Handcrafted (2004)

"You love Linky so much and are so nurturing of her. One day you decided that you would start taking care of her. You would race downstairs in the morning so you could feed her without anyone doing your job first. It began as a great sensory experience for you. You wanted to use your hands to grab her food out, but then you thought that the scoop was more suited for the task (and it didn’t leave a funny taste on the fingers that you like to suck). You took great care to make sure she had her bowl filled to the top and also gave her some food on the floor where, oddly, she prefers to eat it! She thanked you for your loving ways by showering you with a bunch of feet kisses."

All papers and elements from DesignerDigitals.com.

Papers from Garden's Edge Paper Pack (used Red Solid as background, Red Floral as the stripes on the right)
Flowers from Floral Sunset pale patterned paper
Diamond Mesh - Metal Sheets
Stitches - White Stitching
'o' and 'f' - Red Raised Alphas
Linen Paisley Red - Linen Paislies (used as overlays in the lower left and upper right corners)
Rectangle vellum tag - Vellum Tags
Friends definition paper behind vellum tag with picture - Dictionary papers (recolored)

{cough cough sniff aaah choo}

I have come down with something. I must have caught my baby's cold. I feel just plain yucky. It started last night as Mike and I were watching Sideways and I had just finished a bag of Cheetos. That scratchy sore throat, swollen gland feeling that makes you know you are not going to get a good night's rest even though you are exhausted... and the next day won't be much better.

Happy Star Wars day. Today is a holiday in our house. The fact that only one person in the family is actually celebrating should be quick overlooked. I will get my turn NEXt week. But right now Mike is at a "meeting" with LucasArts. But after that he's going to go to Best Buy and get me {tada!!} - my very OWN Maxtor drive for all of my digital scrapbooking kits and elements. It seems that someone noticed that I have been hogging the space on the family Maxtor drive {ahem, I have no idea who this could be}. So since our credit card airline miles can expire, and seeing as how we're not going on any vacations that would USE these miles, and Mike discovered you could get gift cards from some of our favorite stores, BESY BUY here he comes! He actually was sweet enough to suggest that maybe we could buy the digital SLR that I was looking at - until I mentioned the price! yikes. then he switched gears. But how SWEET is he? I don't feel right about buying the digital SLR anyhow after the termite situation and the cost to treat it! And I'd rather the kids have a playground set. I'll save and eventually get the camera - but I'm going to delay that gratification for now. And after Best Buy, Mike is going to Borders to pick up the Star Wars soundtrack and he also going to get me The Time Traveler's Wife (my book club book for June's meeting). Thank you Mike!! I love you!!!

Ah, yesterday I went to Costco and the scrapbook pages came out FABULOUS! I love my scrap "printing" days!! But we almost lost the new Taggie that I bought for Ryan last Friday (the blanket made up of tags along all the edges). After much looking around the isles of the Target nearby and the street to and from both Target and Costco we finally found it!! Whew! Some purchases I was excited about were: Strawberry Shortcake 100-piece puzzle that J and I did yesterday (first time with a puzzle with more than 24 pieces - she just loves puzzles - just like I did when I was her age - and still do). And----Hooked on Phonics (right at my local Costco - how psyched was I?!). We did the first two lessons and books this morning and my daughter loved it. And I'm loving seeing her read!!! She especially liked putting up the 2 stickers to track her progress. I hung up a color copy of the chart on her door last night while she was sleeping - so when she woke up she was excited to see it and wanted to start right away!

That's all for now. I'm just going to try to make it through this day. No pics today.. and probably not a lot of creativity or scrapping today. I hope to clean up this house a bit. It's getting too messy and is cluttering my creative mind. I honestly can't think right now. {ah choo}


And the last of them (of the ones that are completed). The rest still need pics.

Okay I added pictures to some of them, made them ready to print and took them to Costco today! YIPEE! Can't wait to pick them up!


Tag with ribbon from Adore by Gina Cabrera, boy word paper and diamonds/square paper from Boy Dirt. Background made with PS textures. T-pin from Mo Jackson's stitches kit. Baby's World font provided the onesie on the left.

Papers and tag from Boy Dirt, buttons from Gina Cabrera (DDE).

R - Used colors from Boy Dirt by Shabby Princess but made my own texture using Photoshop filters. Brads from Boy Dirt.

ST - Background Paper from Wedded Bliss by Gina Cabrera (Digital Design Essentials), Striped paper Boy Dirt by Shabby Princess. The stroller and rattle are a children's dingbat font called Baby's World available free from the Internet. Hinges from Shabby Princess (Shabby Smiles).

GH - Papers from Boy Dirt, Bookplate from Digital Design Essentials (one of the CD). Torn edges from Steph (I absolutely LOVE these!) I'm a huge fan of paper tearing and always do this for cards and paper LOs so I was so excited to find this freebie over at SBB! These ROCK!

IJ - Papers and ribbon and brad, again, from Shabby Princess. The tag is from Gina Cabrera's Sweet Stuff. I just grunged it up a bit.

KL - Paper from Shabby Princess Boy Dirt. Charms on the left from Janna, the washer on the right is from Digital Design Essentials (Gina Cabrera - I think it's from one of the CDs - the kit is probably Genuine Article if I had to guess off the top of my head). Stitching is from Jen Wilson's Beautiful You.

And M - I love the ribbon elements on the right. These elements are the reason I bought Jen Wilson's Beautiful You. The silver charm is from Janna and the string is from Ronna Penner's Old World Charm. The rest of the papers and twill is from the Shabby Princess Boy Dirt kit.


Over the weekend I bought Shappy Princess's Boy Dirt kit and started an ABC album for my son. I'm using the album amanda_alexis did over at two peas as my inspiration and template in most cases (http://twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?gallery=1&cmd=display&layout_id=144924). my album is going to be 6x4 (easy for the grandparents to fit in their bag - easy for my son to turn the pages when he gets the dexterity!) So most of the papers are from Shabby Princess's Boy Dirt or from me. Occassionally I have used some tags from Gina Cabrera (DDE - Adore Kit), or fibers (Dana Zarling - Sweet Baby). The main font is 39 Smooth. I got all the way up to finishing the R page this weekend with not much time spent on it so it's quick quick quick! I haven't inserted the pics in any of them. I wanted to just get the layout and design done then I could hunt for the perfect pictures for each one.

And another one.

And here's the F page. I skipped the "DE" page because when I went to save it as a jpeg I realized that it wasn't finished.

Hey, what d'ya know. The "D/E" page was finished - I forgot that I was going to put a close up of my son's eyes in the right slide frame (what a memory!) Okay, off to get a workout in while the cutie pie naps! Th safety pin is from Michelle Underwood's ABCs and 123s of Childhood. The slide frames are from Shabby Princess (Digital Design Essentials).


messed it up already, OK: Take 2!

I commited the cardinal iron-on sin. My guess is that the number one error in doing iron-ons is FORGETTING to reverse the bleepin' design. Yep - in all my excitement to print it out and iron it on, I printed it without reversing the type (which I reminded myself to do just 5 minutes before. Read: mind like a sieve) - which will cause it to read BACKWARDS! So I wasted one of the sheets. I'll have to wait until tonight to print it out since I can't keep interrupting my dh in the office while he's hard at work. Bleh!

I told my daughter that we were participating in a Fun Run this Saturday and that on Friday she could come with me to pick up the t-shirts for mommy and daddy. She asked if she got a t-shirt too... hmmm. Well, no, honey they only give them to the paying adults. Okay, I couldn't tell this to her so I told the darling 3.5 yr old that she would have a special shirt. So here's what I made last night. The blank area at the top is the name of the race in Century Schoolbook in the pinkish color (omitted to protect the innocent). I bought some iron-on printer transfers at Michael's last night to print this out on and a white t-shirt in the smallest size they had (kids small - which is waaay big on her!). At least she'll feel like she has a t-shirt for participating too!! Star brush from Anna Aspnes Little Charmer, dotted circle from Rhonna Farrer. While at Michael's I bought some Princess iron-ons too and another white t-shirt! Wish me luck as I've never ventured into the iron-on land. Hope this works.


This LO documents when my baby became the big sister! Here she is meeting her baby brother for the first time. Paper, buttons, flowers, petals, photo turns from Mo Jackson's Ashley and Ashley's Garden. Sheer tied ribbon from Ronna Penner's Afternoon Tea, Stitching is from Digital Design Essentials (Neutron Kit). Fonts: Artstamp Medium, Arial Narrow, Grand Prix ES. What I did to the pics: Desaturated, Auto Curves, Adjusted the level (when it was a color pic), Tinted it slightly, reduced the contrast. I still want to weather the pics a bit but not sure the best way to go about it (I know I need to use grunge brushes but not sure if I want to use white to give it a sanded look or if I should use black). So for now I'm leaving it as is! Suggestions welcome.


I purchased my Mother's Day gifts - stay tuned for the ACTUAL kits that I bought.. because there are some surprises - even to me! And check this kit out - I won this kit at the SBB NSD Photoshop chat! How excited am I? And I get to try a designer that I'm not familiar with! Love the colors in this and the designs. And I'm a huge ribbon and bows fan and this has lots. Where have I been that I missed this talented designer?