{cough cough sniff aaah choo}

I have come down with something. I must have caught my baby's cold. I feel just plain yucky. It started last night as Mike and I were watching Sideways and I had just finished a bag of Cheetos. That scratchy sore throat, swollen gland feeling that makes you know you are not going to get a good night's rest even though you are exhausted... and the next day won't be much better.

Happy Star Wars day. Today is a holiday in our house. The fact that only one person in the family is actually celebrating should be quick overlooked. I will get my turn NEXt week. But right now Mike is at a "meeting" with LucasArts. But after that he's going to go to Best Buy and get me {tada!!} - my very OWN Maxtor drive for all of my digital scrapbooking kits and elements. It seems that someone noticed that I have been hogging the space on the family Maxtor drive {ahem, I have no idea who this could be}. So since our credit card airline miles can expire, and seeing as how we're not going on any vacations that would USE these miles, and Mike discovered you could get gift cards from some of our favorite stores, BESY BUY here he comes! He actually was sweet enough to suggest that maybe we could buy the digital SLR that I was looking at - until I mentioned the price! yikes. then he switched gears. But how SWEET is he? I don't feel right about buying the digital SLR anyhow after the termite situation and the cost to treat it! And I'd rather the kids have a playground set. I'll save and eventually get the camera - but I'm going to delay that gratification for now. And after Best Buy, Mike is going to Borders to pick up the Star Wars soundtrack and he also going to get me The Time Traveler's Wife (my book club book for June's meeting). Thank you Mike!! I love you!!!

Ah, yesterday I went to Costco and the scrapbook pages came out FABULOUS! I love my scrap "printing" days!! But we almost lost the new Taggie that I bought for Ryan last Friday (the blanket made up of tags along all the edges). After much looking around the isles of the Target nearby and the street to and from both Target and Costco we finally found it!! Whew! Some purchases I was excited about were: Strawberry Shortcake 100-piece puzzle that J and I did yesterday (first time with a puzzle with more than 24 pieces - she just loves puzzles - just like I did when I was her age - and still do). And----Hooked on Phonics (right at my local Costco - how psyched was I?!). We did the first two lessons and books this morning and my daughter loved it. And I'm loving seeing her read!!! She especially liked putting up the 2 stickers to track her progress. I hung up a color copy of the chart on her door last night while she was sleeping - so when she woke up she was excited to see it and wanted to start right away!

That's all for now. I'm just going to try to make it through this day. No pics today.. and probably not a lot of creativity or scrapping today. I hope to clean up this house a bit. It's getting too messy and is cluttering my creative mind. I honestly can't think right now. {ah choo}


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