Digital Camera Suggestions {please}

I think I *may* be in the market for a new camera (we currently have a Nikon Coolpix 880 that we bought 4 years ago, that has a hanging-chad battery door issue that I'd like to duct tape. We went to the camera store and they said it'd be $75+ and 6-8 weeks without the camera. Mike went online and saw that we could get a whole new camera of the same model on eBay for $79 - how depressing).

I'm trying not to get too excited about it since it might not happen but I need to get my research done in case it does! So please send me comments and emails about which camera you use and what you love/hate about it and what you wish you bought, etc. I'd like a DSLR so I'm looking at the Nikon D70, Canon Digital Rebel (and the XT), and the "probably-too-rich-for-my-blood-at-the-moment-but-I-can-still-salivate-cant-I" Canon EOS 20D.

This will be the camera that both my husband and I use and I think he has no use for anything other than a digital point-and-shoot (the smaller the better for him I think) - he's probably wishing that he didn't marry someone that likes pricey electronic gadgets as much as he does (it'd be sooo much cheaper!) or at least not photography. If you're reading this honey - I LOVE YOU! And I'm sorry that I'm a pain in the a** about cameras (but if we *are* going to get a new one - we HAVE to get a DLSR. It just makes good sense.)

So send in your thoughts and opinions.

And Happy Memorial Day.
And a gigantic **Thank you** to everyone that has fought for our country past and present to make it a great and free place in which to live.


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