Great Country Farms

Credits: Papers from Good Times from Scrapbookgraphics.com

Fonts: Mechanical Fun (title), Misproject (date), Day Roman (journaling)

"You woke up this morning at 5:45am screaming and crying uncontrollably with your first headache. Daddy brought you into our room and then I got you some medicine and brought you back to your room and I laid with you in bed until 7:30 just hugging you and rubbing you hoping it would make you feel better. You asked me, as you do every morning, �What are doing today, Mommy?� Today I had planned to take everyone to the farm but I was pretty sure that we were going to cancel everything and just stay home. But you began to feel better and you were really excited to see the farm animals so we hopped in the car and headed out on our journey. Once there, we went to the farm store, checked in, got a map, bought some kettle corn and animal feed and then headed to the animals! There were goats, bunnies, horses, peacocks, roosters, kitten, chicks, pigs, and my favorite, llamas! You didn�t want to feed the animals at all so Daddy and I feed the animals the first bag. But then after we ate lunch under the tall oak trees (and also near the very small amphitheater) you wanted to head back for another round of seeing the animals. You wanted me to feed the small goat, Billy, and then you were so brave that you tried it!! You howled with delight as the goat�s tickly tongue devoured all of the feed in your tiny outstretched hand! And Daddy, you and I devoured the delicious sweet and salty kettle corn. I love that you said it tasted like it had cinnamon in it! You have such discerning taste buds! I love you so much baby girl."


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