I told my daughter that we were participating in a Fun Run this Saturday and that on Friday she could come with me to pick up the t-shirts for mommy and daddy. She asked if she got a t-shirt too... hmmm. Well, no, honey they only give them to the paying adults. Okay, I couldn't tell this to her so I told the darling 3.5 yr old that she would have a special shirt. So here's what I made last night. The blank area at the top is the name of the race in Century Schoolbook in the pinkish color (omitted to protect the innocent). I bought some iron-on printer transfers at Michael's last night to print this out on and a white t-shirt in the smallest size they had (kids small - which is waaay big on her!). At least she'll feel like she has a t-shirt for participating too!! Star brush from Anna Aspnes Little Charmer, dotted circle from Rhonna Farrer. While at Michael's I bought some Princess iron-ons too and another white t-shirt! Wish me luck as I've never ventured into the iron-on land. Hope this works.


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