Oh, the horror! I realized a few days ago that this weekend our pools will be opening. I've delayed long enough - it's bathing suit shopping time! I've spared myself the anxiety and disappointment of actually going to the stores to try on bathing suits. This year I have ordered them online. I received a Lands End catalog in the mail and since I saw cover-me-up-and-hide-my-post-baby-body skirts that go with cute tops I looked no further. They were out of the first color that I wanted (azure) so I opted for candy pink first. Then the cobalt color in the same style and the cross-over suit at the bottom I bought in black. Hope they fit - and look decent. The second horror - the cost!! $100 or more for each suit. But I know I will spending a ton of time at the pool with the kids this summer. And I'm so looking forward to it (except for the donning-a-bathing-suit part) - my daughter loves the pool more than anything in the whole world! The struggle will be getting her out of the water to come home!


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