Over the weekend I bought Shappy Princess's Boy Dirt kit and started an ABC album for my son. I'm using the album amanda_alexis did over at two peas as my inspiration and template in most cases (http://twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?gallery=1&cmd=display&layout_id=144924). my album is going to be 6x4 (easy for the grandparents to fit in their bag - easy for my son to turn the pages when he gets the dexterity!) So most of the papers are from Shabby Princess's Boy Dirt or from me. Occassionally I have used some tags from Gina Cabrera (DDE - Adore Kit), or fibers (Dana Zarling - Sweet Baby). The main font is 39 Smooth. I got all the way up to finishing the R page this weekend with not much time spent on it so it's quick quick quick! I haven't inserted the pics in any of them. I wanted to just get the layout and design done then I could hunt for the perfect pictures for each one.


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You need to imitate everything. Trust me.

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