Puff Pastry

Today it's a puff pastry day. I don't know why I'm making this today... after all it is so easy to buy the frozen kind. I want to try it at home because (a) I can and (b) to see how it is in comparison to the store-bought kind. I took a pastry class a while back and made some in the class but I have never made it all by myself at home. I've completed the 5th turn, so have one more to do before it's puff pastry and then I'll have to decide what to do with it...maybe crescent rolls, or a present for my dh, chocolate croissants.

And today is we get our first CSA delivery!! I'm so excited. I already checked twice to see if it had come... but it has not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dh votes for the chocolate croissants (wink).

10:14 AM  

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