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After 3 weeks of working out doing mainly cardio it's time to bring in the big boys... weights, that is! I tried to do a weight workout today, really I did. And I feel it - but I used a FIRM tape (Super Sculpting) and I just don't like these. So I had to stop sometime after the second set of push-ups. I have a huge exercise video collection and I used to love the FIRM workouts, but today I found the instructors so annoying. I tried to then pop in aDVD from my favorite instructor (Cathe Friedrich) but the DVD player in the basement does't *appear* to be hooked up to anything... at least I couldn't get it to work. So today's workout, if you can even call it that, left MUCH to be desired. So I'm surprised at how much I now dislike FIRM tapes - eBay here I come. So I went onto Cathe's site for what new DVDs she has. I can't believe I haven't bought an exercise video from her since 2002! Since I enjoy working out at home mainly I will need to rediscover my collection and then get some new ones. I'm off to my favorite fitness site (Video Fitness) to go do some research.


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