the Threes

Here's a LO I just completed for my daughter. Under her picture in the version I will print out is another journaling area where I talk about a bunch of stuff, but for privacy's sake, left it out of the public posting.

Journaling Part 2:
What a difference a year makes! I’m sure I’m going to be saying this every year but I was amazed that this year there were no tantrums when I dropped you off at school. You looked forward to playing with your friends at school (rather than being 2, still involved in parallel play, and simply tolerating others)! You would enthusiastically tell me about how much fun you had drawing with chalk outside and pretending to go to the beach with Rachel. Sometimes, though, when I would ask you to tell me about what you did at school you’d say, “Nothing!” I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen until you were a teenager. Come on – you’re 3 1/2 ! Show me some love here!!

Credits: Michelle Underwood's ABCs and 123s of Childhood
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