Your 1st Concert

plaid paper - Michelle Underwood's Color My Day

green flower patterned paper, green gingham ribbon, green label holder, silver flower brads - Shopping Fool

yellow circle paper, green paper for "1" stencil (recolored this green), bottlecap - Michelle Underwood's Wrapped in Color

Brown Striped background paper - Sweet on You

Large Circle patterned paper - Michelle Underwood's Happiness and Laughter

bow - Michelle Underwood's Perfect Posies

stitching - Digital Design Essentials

Fonts: Blackout Serif Px, Hootie, Phank, AL Handcrafted, Century Gothic

You love watching The Wiggles on TV. Whenever you hear the theme song you stop whatever it is youÂ’re doing and start dancing and singing along with Greg, Jeff, Murray, and Anthony. When we heard that the the Australian quartet was coming to DC, we thought it would be so much fun to take you to your first concert! The SilvermanÂ’s decided to buy tickets too, so we all rode the metro in (another first for you) together. How lucky you were to have your best friend by your side for this occasion! We ate pizza at the MCI Center for dinner and Daddy and I sang along to all the songs. You may have been a little young to really appreciate the music and the dancing but we all had a great time! You were mesmerized by the colors, sounds, lights, and all those people! It was certainly more overwhelming than having them all to yourself in our living room!


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