And this past Tuesday we had a surprise visit from my brother-in-law. Jessi had a great time romping around the house with another person to pay attention to her!! She got to stay up late, eat ice cream first, then pizza for dinner. It was fun to catch up with him while he was in town for business.

We had a fun day today at the Dinosaur music show. We met some friends there and then had a snack picnic after the event. I took only a few pictures because pictures of the show weren't allowed... I got this one before I realized that I couldn't take any... and right at the same time this little boy or girl in front of me puts her hands up!! As if to further tell me.. no no, photos not allowed.

I'm outta here. So this is pretty much what's been happening around here. I put Ryan down and he's off. He doesn't sit still for a second. Always on the go. Right now speedracer is napping. Our floor contractors just left... repairing their mistakes from a year ago. I still have that electric nail gun sound in my head and the smell of caulking in my nose.


Bubbles, glorious bubbles! Taken about 2 weeks ago... but I haven't uploaded the pics in my camera lately. Yesterday we went to the farm to pick blueberries!! These are probably the most fun to pick for me since they come off so easily and the kids always find enough ripe berries to pick so there's not alot of disappointment (or whining). We also picked broccoli, but there weren't many heads to pick... mostly florets. But the delivery from the farm came today and we got 3 nice-sized heads! My favorite veggie - yum yum! Well our floors are finally getting repaired... it only took about a year. But the contractors were supposed to come to finish up this morning and didn't show... so they said they'll be here tomorrow. My DH will be home to "greet" them because I won't be home. Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to see a show at a nearby park. I'll bring my camera. Today we had lunch at the park. Delightful. Got a lot of stuff done today. No working out lately. But I watered the garden and planted a few herbs (I know this doesn't count)... I'm not used to our new routine (with J at camp at a different time than I'm used to). Made an appt with a nutritionist for Ryan next Tuesday (also when our air conditioner is being checked for maintenance). I switched our pediatricians finally! So I feel like today was productive in that I got a lot done that has been on my TO DO list for what seems like forever. I also sent out the LO I did for my friend a while back - So Abby, sorry it took so long but it's now on it's way to you. Maybe I can get in a 20 minute weight workout right now. Allergy update: the baby is also allergic to corn, did I mention that in a recent post or no? Oh well.


Well the procedures themselves went okay yesterday but then after we were home for a few hours Mike started getting these wierd side-effects and called his doctor. He told us to go to the hospital so we were there for most of last night. After a bunch of tests we were released and got home at 11pm. Mike rested most of the day and is feeling alot better. It's so scary to have the person who is usually my "rock" in the hospital with tubes in his arm... and then to see him so lethargic and not wanting to eat. So I've been worried about him for the past few days and doing whatever I can to help (not much) and to try to keep the kids away from him since they tend to be very physical and I didn't want him getting hurt. So I'm exhausted mentally and physically - Ryan has started to crawl so my job just got a little more challenging. No longer can I put him down near some toys and get Jessi lunch... he's zoooming across the room to get to the hard step-up in our living room where I hope he doesn't, one day, split his head open. I've tried to introduce him to the joys of magnets hoping that would keep him entertained while washing the lunch dishes but he'd much rather be on the move. So I'm going to watch a movie tonight and just relax. Even though I haven't been on the computer in a few days and miss creating with PS, I just want to curl up next to Mike and watch a funny movie... so Hitch it is; starring Will Smith (I've loved watching him since his Fresh Prince of Bel Air days).

Oh, we joined Netflix for the summer and our first 2 movies came in yesterday! We got Coach Carter and The Aviator... both clock in at over 2 hours. And both dramas, if I'm not mistaken. I'll post reviews after we view these. I just love how fast it arrived! Very impressive and I don't have to deal with the not-the-sharpest-knife-in-the-drawer people at the nearest video store (I'm not being a generalist - since I used to work at Blockbuster while home during summer breaks in college - but the people that I worked with were very courteous and efficient... not at all like the people at my neighborhood store). So three cheers for Netflix and internet movie ordering!! Brilliant.


Yes this photo is from Amazon. Directly. I ordered this recently from said store. It is a great cookbook for preschooler that have illustrated pictures for the directions. We are going to make popovers from this (we have made these before from when we checked this book out of the local library). Jessi had such a good time because she was the head chef and I was her helper. She loved the pictures so she could see what we needed to do at the beginning and then again at every step. Confidence builder, helps with math. Cooking as education, enough said. And there's a yummy treat at the end that we'll eat at dinner. Okay so not too much creativity right now because I have to take my husband for some medical tests (just sorta routine stuff) - I'm nervous because I hate when anyone has to be "out" for things. So I'm bringing lots of scrapbooking magazines and my CK journaling book... but I may just end up reading People magazine in the waiting room. My awesome cousin is coming over to watch the kids until we get back. Wish us luck.


The Baby's ABC Book is still not done so I thought I'd add some pictures to this page so I'd be one page closer. I will post the credits when I post to the galleries (off the top of my head the strips of paper are from Shabby Princess's Boy Dirt, Hardware from Shabby Princess too - diff kit, background paper looks like it was from Digital Design Essentials).

Enjoy Life. Here's my first go at making an ATC for Rhonna's ATC group. And for the credits of course: Designer Digitals - Audobon Paper, Music Overlay, Vintage Classroom, Botanical green (background paper), stitching, flower stamp (upper left). Brushes are tere_flowers, tere_butterflies, mim-circles2, can't remember where I got the grid but I love it (if you recognize it please let me know so I can give proper credit). Fonts: LainieDay, Hootie.


This is my All About Me page for the ScrapArtist Design Team. Looong list of credits... Everything from ScrapArtist. Papers from Funky Faded paper kit. Staples from Fair Trade kit, Heart pebble made from blank alpha bubble, negative from Still Life kit, suspender, photo turn, and rivet from Daddy-O kit. Ribbon from Popsicle Toes kit.

Fonts: Elephant (my style), Coolvetica (occupation), Mr.B (drive a mini-van), FinePtMarker (said I would never), Girls are Wierd (my college sweetheart), Plastique (perfume, married to, age), Hootie (guilty pleasure), St. Nicholas (hardware, ribbons, etc), FontDinerdotCom (I talk to my mom). Thanks for looking.

Okay, so after a few trials of the snugli I have a few compaints. It's cumbersome. I don't think it exactly fits right on my short frame. And while I love all the compartments - I really want it for around town (which doesn't include the backcountry) and it's too big - plus I can't wear a ponytail with it because it's right in Ryan's face. I want something like the Baby Bjorn that I already own but on the back... so I'm probably going to continue my search. I came across this. It's called the Ergo Baby Carrier. Apparently there's this whole culture of babywearers that swear by these things. I had no idea there was such a thing. Is a baby carrier even necessary for a 9 1/2 month old? The thing is he hates to be carried the normal way to the point where I can hardly do anything while carrying him (opening the front door when locked). Maybe this will be my next choice. Ugggh.


Here's a LO of my little Funky Fashion Diva from back in Dec '03. She has on this cute little knitted hat and, of course, the leopard purse. A gots-to-have for any aspiring fashion diva. All papers and elements from ScrapArtist. Papers from Funky Faded kit, Eyelets from Popsicle Toes kit, Fashion Alphas (recolored) from Cherry Slush. Stitching and tag shape from Digital Design Essentials.

Fonts: Roughage, PetraScriptEF, Phank, and I can't remember what font funky was in because I rasterized it before I grunged it up. So if you recognize it let me know and I'll give the proper creds! Thanks for looking.

Some people have been asking about which cameras I've been looking at... well here they are. The first one is the one I'd love but don't know if I want to spend that much money on it (plus you need to get extras right?? extra lens, a case, an extra battery, anything else? I'd love a tripod too - haven't even looked into that). I'm still undecided about the last two. ARRGHGH!

Our Wedding Day. All papers from ScrapArtist (background paper from Women's Day Bonus over LtWash, Yellow patterned paper from Women's Day, Bottom paper is from Painted Dessert over the Rose paper from Women's Day). Photo Corners made from metal frames at ScrapArtist. Ribbons from Women's Day Kit also from ScrapArtist. Authentic taken from the Overlay included with the Women's Day kit from ScrapArtist. Beaded bracelet - Summer Travels by Jen Wilson and Lauren Bird (Oceanside Breeze), Beaded Flower - Beautiful You Jen WIlson
Fonts: St. Nicholas (LOVE), SF-Cali (friendship), Corinthia (foundation)

How wrong this is (normal - HA!)

Arial - You're pretty normal. That's certainly not
a bad thing, as a lot of people like you.

What Font Are You? (Standard Fonts)
brought to you by Quizilla

Although I have to admit that I do love Arial. Classic. Clean.

Go on over to Mo's (http://www.mojackson.com/june.html) to get a very summery freebie. I love the colors in this one. Thank you Mo!!

Saw this and really enjoyed this because it had heart. So few movies do these days and I always like them (just like I always like Coming of Age books). Dennis Quaid isn't hard on the eyes either. But no, really, it is the heart that I like. When we watched this I was crying through most of it and after (hormonal remember?), although I don't think this would evoke that much emotion from a normal person .

We watched this lst night. And we loved it. I have been a fan of John Travlota's since I was a kid (Grease). I love movies that look like they were fun to make. They seem like they had a GREAT time with each other. And Stephen Tyler appearance. So many recognizable people in this one. Highly recommend. A big Thanks to Heather for reviewing it on her site.


Jessi's eye is doing much better. The puffiness has gone down but there is some residual redness so we will take the full 10 days of antibiotics.

Today is the first day of camp! WAHOO! Which meant I actually had time to work out again! I took Ryan for a run the jogger and we had a great time. It's been so hard to find time to work out but today it finally happened (because I fell off the wagon or is it on the wagon? Whatever it was - I wasn't working out like I should or like I want to).

So far the backpack is working out pretty well... although I have nothing to compare it to. I think that it doesn't sit on my hips the way it should so that's annoying.

We went to Best Buy yesterday (husband's favorite store and it WAS Father's Day after all) so I went to visit "my" DSLRs again. I was so happy talking to the camera guy. So I've been reading reviews and checking prices online to find the best deal (and still figure out which one I really want).

Oh and I thought that my daughter would be around 13 when she said that she loved someone else more than me - but no, she said it last night and it made me cry (I _am_ hormonal, but this would have made me cry anyway) and she is still only 3.

Here's a cute pic of the men in my life.


Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day, Mike! This is one of my favorite recent pictures of my husband by himself. I think he looks rugged and sexy. So I made this LO to show how much I love him. I used the Daddy-O kit by Nancie over at ScrapArtist.com. I love the rivets and the suspender clip in the kit. I didn't use much of the hardware that I love so much because I wanted this to have very clean lines... see Mike is very neat and organized so I thought he'd most appreciate an uncluttered LO!


Ready for Spring. Journaling on the small tabs reads: pastels, new shoes 8.5W, new raincoat. This is a scraplift of Apr 18, 2005 Autumn Leaves "Designing With" Calendar

Credits: Worn Solids, solids, striped, and pattern papers are Pink Chocolate Kit from ScrapArtist, Ribbons and photo prongs are from Pink Chocolate Kit as well, Ribbon buckle from Sitar Sampler kit at ScrapArtist, J alpha bubble from ScrapArtist, unthreaded buttons from Shappy Princess's Tea Party, threaded button's from Mo Jackson's Ashley's Garden, tab shape from DDE Neutron Kit (used ScrapArtist paper)

Fonts: Georgia, Hootie, Antique Type

New blinkie. Thanks Katie!

First Crop - LO: SOAKED!

Did this for the Jen Wilson CD Launch crop last night. I've never done anything so fast in my life (I probably worked on this for 15 minutes because PS kept locking up and freezing - so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out). My heart was pounding as the deadline neared - I so wanted to win this CD (but didn't :-( ). I just got a chance to post the LO credits at SBB and wanted to post them here as well... (Thank yoU Jen for the wonderful freebies - I love the sugar coated flower paper - it ROCKS!).
I didn't get a chance to even adjust the levels or the curves on these photos (or add any filters)... but I'll do that in the one I print out.

Okay off to my book club meeting this morning to discuss The Time Traveler's Wife! Great READ, btw.

Jen Wilson's:
-Candy Apple Green (strips of paper on the side)
-Sugar Coated Flowers

Designer Digitals:
-Audobon Prose
-Fiesta (green paper)

Fonts: Misproject, Garamond

Journaling: We went over to Paula and Bill’s for dinner on Sunday and while we were inside catching up on the week’s goings-on Bill went out to water the lawn. He always has the best lawn! So green! Well you decided you had to go see what was going on. Wherever there is water you are not far behind! You immediately proceeded to run under the hose and get totally SOAKED! You even taunted Bill with loud screams of “You can’t catch me!” Your hair, your shirt, your shoes, your socks, and your shoes were totally saturated with water. Luckily, I had a change of clothes in the car, unbeknownst to me, so you could change into some dry clothes just in time to eat some dinner.


Swollen Eye

Been busy taking Jessi to the doctors each day because has had a swollen eye. It happened out of nowhere. We had an impromtu lunch at ZPizza (a new find which I now LOVE - where I had 2 slices of the Casablanca pizza - with a garlic sauce, artichokes, mushrooms, cheese - yum!) and then a delicious dessert at Maggie Moo's (where I had the BEST ice cream I've eva had - eva - I got Better Batter with a Kit Kat blend-in) with the whole family - it was so much fun because Mike was able to join us. Then we were driving around running errands (went to Babies R Us and finally bought her the next car seat - a Britax Marathon) and she said, "Mommy, my eye hurts." At that point there was no swelling just a little redness. I thought that maybe she touched her eye with dirty fingers or poked herself accidentally... but she said that none of those happened. Well after taking her to the doctors on Wednesday afternoon they checked for a scratched cornea (what a fun test that was - she was kicking and screaming and a nurse had to come in the room to help hold her down) - thankfully, it was negative. My intuitive husband said that he thought it was an allergic reaction. Yesterday morning she looked like this (see pic). Her eye was mostly shut but with no discharge at all. I've been pumping her with Benedryl and Tylenol as round the clock as possible. And at times it appears to be going down but then it looks as if it's getting more swollen. After going to the doctor yesterday (They said to call if it gets worse) they put her on Augmentin saying that it was part of a previous sinus infection. I didn't know she had a sinus infection previously - she just had a constant cough after having a cold. So I go back today for a follow-up appointment. But after that I'm looking for a new pedatrician practice. I've been wanting to for some time. They seem to be fine for normal visits but 2 times with Ryan they didn't know at all what to do (with Reflux and the skin rashes).

So I bought the Snugli Evenflo Cross Terrain child backpack carrier. I'm in the testing mode. We went out yesterday two times for 30-60 minutes. My back is sore today... but I only meant to go out for 15-30 minutes because I heard this happens if you're not used to it.

I joined in Rhonna's ATC (Artist Trading Card) group (check June 15 to join). I think this will be so much fun!

No creating last night. I was too busy finding new blogs to read! And checking out forums and magazine web sites. Where can I find How magazine, Inside Photoshop mag, Inside Illustrator, etc..? Borders seems to be lackin' in that area. Aching to be a digital designin' diva.

Received this in the mail a few days ago but haven't created anything with it yet due to Creative Team stuff.

I haven't posted anything here about the new creative teams I joined. So I'll mention them now. I was invited to join the Designer Digitals Creative Team earlier this month and was most recently selected to join ScrapArtist's team. These two ladies (Katie and Nancie) are super talented!! I'm so honored to be able to create my layouts using their products. I mean these are graphics that I'll be viewing when I'm an ole lady and my kids will be looking at with their kids! Some truly top notch designers. So thank you both for the honor.

Know where I'll be tonight at 10? At the CD Launch for this! It looks to be an amazing collection. I love Jen Wilson's kits.

Check out the one day sale over at Digital Design Essentials. This kit is only $1 for ONE DAY ONLY!


Like Father Like Daughter. All papers and elements by Michelle Underwood. Yellow flower from Summer Blooms kit. Everything else from Enjoy the Day. Tab shape from DDE. Inspired by layouts from Katie Pertiet (http://www.designerdigitals.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=5&pos=1) and Mary Fran (http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=87344).

After some very brief research I found this... I saw it in the store yesterday and it received some very good reviews on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000W3TX8/qid=1118839713/sr=8-2/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i2_xgl21/104-1754387-1939944?v=glance&s=toys&n=507846). And it's more in my price range than the one previously feautured on this here blog. And they have it at Babies R Us - where I have a large gift card.

Disk Cleanup

Just wanted to publicly thank my husband (hi Mike!) for suggesting that I perform a disk cleanup on my computer. Every five seconds my computer would rudely tell me that I was low on disk space - so I performed a cleanup and now have 5 GB free... yes between setup files and an enormously large web cache I had 5 *GB* of crap just sitting there taking up precious kit/LO space. So go ahead and try this at home. You never know how much space is out there waiting for you.

I _was_ able to get my allergy shot yesterday. And then went to Babies R Us to get some swimsuits for Ryan. He wore the 12 month ones for a week and then seems to have grown unbelievably big and is now is 12-18 month clothes. At his 9 month checkup (earlier in the month) he was 21 lbs 2 oz (60th percentile) and then his height was 95th percentile. Wahoo!! Perhaps he's going to have my grandfather's and father's height gene. Because it's plain that I didn't get any of it. How is it that I'm shorter than my dad and my mom? I always thought I'd be the average between the two of them and that would have made me mush taller than I am... a pint-sized 5'2". I didn't get any baby backpacks or car seats (on my to-do list for a while). I ran into someone I knew there and was chatting a bit.. and then the kids were cranky so we had to rush through stuff. But the car seat box was huge (um, duh.) and the carrier selection was not so great... and I hadn't done my research. Still haven't. But, hey, I'm up before anyone else in the house so I'm going to try to eat some breakfast and check my email in peace! The day is already starting well. Deep breath in......Aaaaah. :-)


Strawberry Season. All paper and elements from Designer Digitals. Orange patterned paper and green solid paper from Sweet Florals Paper Pack. Also used photo turns, and alphas are from Chipboard Alpha Olive (some recolored and 'decoupaged' with papers from Ornamental Orange -got the idea from the Fiesta alphas available at Designer Digitals).

Trying to researching baby backpack carriers today. Look at this one from Yakima. Looks awesome. To do today: Babies R Us (for bathing suits that fit the ever-growing baby), see if I can get my allergy shot, find sanity, visit a park if it's not over 95 degrees (or otherwise find a way to tire my 3 year old out).


In Your Eyes. All papers from the Hermosa Paper Pack by Kellie Mize at Designer Digitals. Stitching from Designer Digitals. Ribbon from Ronna Penner's Afternoon Tea. Photo corner shape from Digital Design Essentials (DDE) stylized using CSP New Chrome Titanium style free from Adobe Studio Exchange. Date tab shape from DDE.

Fonts: Garamond, Corinthia

When I look in your eyes I see innocence. I want to give you everything and yet let you discover the wonders of life all on your own. I see vulnerability. I want to protect you from all that is painful yet I know we learn so much from darkness and sorrow. I see wisdom. I want to know the treasures that you do not yet reveal and teach you all that I know. I see purity. I want you to never dampen your confidence. I see love. Endless love. From the bottom of my heart. You are an amazing beauty. I see myself in you. You are my truth.


Us at the park. Today it's food shopping. And I'm not going to the new Harris Teeter. I was disappointed. Deflated. I had too high of hopes. Mike didn't like their Deli and I wasn't overly impressed with the things that I was hoping would be superior to at least the Giant (their selection of baby foods, produce, cheeses) But nothing beats Wegman's.


Strawberry picking went very well. It was crazy hot - we had lots of water and still had to get some ice pops. We fed the animals... picked some berries, saw the kitten...we're getting into a farm routine!!

They were ripe and excellent. We got 2 quarts as part of our CSA share. Love it.

And the reward!! We ate up the entire tray. I had a chocolate-covered tummy-ache.

Today we went to the park to catch up with some of our friends from school. It was overcast but it didn't rain (thankfully!) - so we avoided a 90 degree day (unlike yesterday when we were picking amazing strawberries in the heat and humidity - yuck!) Another LO: Fun & Games. This was from a recent trip to the Museum of Natural History... but the lunch outing was much more fun!! My daughter still remembers the day in Feb when she played air hockey and still asks all the time when she can play it again!! All the papers, staples, binder clips, photo turns from Designer Digitals (paper set from Sweet Florals). I didn't want to make these pics black and white even though the colors don't all match or look great together but these papers brought the bright colors together somewhat and are too exuberant to pass up!!


This LO is for the Ad-inspired Challenge #2 at Designer Digitals. Everything from Designer Digitals. I used: Metal Mesh, Definitions Pack (tough paper), Floral Sunset (Dirt paper), Background paper is from Botanicals Revisited (recolored). Fonts: Dali, Tw Cent MT.

We're off to the farm to go strawberry picking again. This time the berries are RIPE! Chocolate covered strawberries if we don't eat them all at the farm or on the way home!!



This is my daughter on the swings... her favorite. I used the delight overlay from Designer Digitals and brushes and a layer mask to fade out certain parts of it and the picture.

9 Month Checkup

Today was Ryan's nine month checkup. One shot - his last Hep B. He did great. So brave for a little guy. And they did a hemoglobin check and he's anemic. Not surprising. So I have to give him Poly-vi-sol two times a day. The pediatrician suggested I see a nutritionist so I have a call out to one. "Hi, my name is Lisa and my son is allergic to everything except soy, rice, oatmeal, carrots, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, and winter squash. Can you help us?" My almost-4-year-old had a tantrum at the visit. Probably because it wasn't all about her. Sorry for the negativity...patience is waning. Just figured out the reason - I'm hungry. It's only 11am but I'm starving. Time for some food!! I'm not the only one Jessi is hungry too. Just call us the ladies who lunch!! :-)


Aaah. Finally a layout. I had to get back into the swing of things (and go grocery shopping after the weekend away). Now it's time to cozy up with my laptop - hey I should name my laptop, after all I do respect it so and I do spend lots of time with it... I'll have to think about this one). I'm sitting here in 90 degree weather outside. So why am I sitting with a heater on high right next to my feet? Because I married a very cute polar bear who needs it VERY cold in the house. Brrr. Everything in the layout is from Designer Digitals. I used Fushia Solid (lowered the transparency) and Fushia Floral (used blend modes) Paper and Overlay from Sweet Florals Paper Pack, Scripted Overlay (my absolute favorite!), Minnie Mouse letters from Chubby Checker Alphas by Designer Digitals, Circle lines made using Black Rub-ons and the Orange Solid Paper from the Sweet Florals Paper Pack

Fonts: MA Fishy, Day Roman

Your go-everywhere toy. You slept with her and had her with you in the car. She had to come up and down the stairs with you too. We had to bring her to daycare with you and if we forgot her, we had to drive home to get it and bring her to you. You couldn�t go anywhere without her. March 2003


This is my FAVORITE picture of the weekend. Mike was so HAPPY to see his kindred spirit. He likes cookies like no other!!

Food on my mind

Fine Cooking is one of my favorite cooking magazines and for meal planning this week I decided to make a few of the meals from this issue (after eating theme park food - we need some better tastes!! - no deep fried, bland stuff please... and maybe a little fresh veggies are in order).

On the menu:
(1) Herb-Marinated Skirt Steak (or flank) with pesto-style salsa verde served with Romaine Hearts with lemon vinagriette and shaved parmesan;
(2) Spicy Thai Shrimp Kebabs (and chicken for the little one - not so spicy) with Chile-Lemongrass Dipping Sauce with the green bean salad that you see on the cover of the mag this month;
(3) grilled pizza (not from this issue),
(4)Seared Chicken with Sriracha Dipping Sauce served with edamame and jasmine rice (Cooking Light July 2004).

I'm craving grilled meats with sauces this week... and fresh veggies simply prepared. Sauces are great because they can be made ahead of time (think - during the baby's nap) and my daughter loves helping me mix things so she can get involved. Then all you have to do is grill some veggies or meat and serve with the sauce. Lots of flavor very little time at a stove during the witching hour (dinner time - when everyone is cranky and my daughter is constantly saying, "Is dinner ready yet?" or "I'm hungry n-o-w!")

I feel so much better now that the grocery list is made. I'm such a creature of habit. At least we'll be eating well this week. I need a grease detox!!


We just got back from our weekend to Sesame Place. Here's a picture from our first stop - the Please Touch Museum in central Philly. This was a great museum (and it looks like there's a lot of development to add new exhibits). There was a cute grocery store area where everything was on shelves at their height. The carts were small and the checkout area was equipped with a toy cash register and and scanner bed. They also had a water play table, the 3 little bear's house with goldilocks dress-up clothes, a big bus where the kids could get behind the wheel. Very cute! Then it was on to Sesame Place where J was afraid of all the characters. We expected this - so it wasn't such a big surprise. And Ryan broke out all over because he was allergic to ---the water. Yes, I said the WATER. That was the only thing that changed. I added no new foods and he slept on stuff that we had washed at home. All this clothes were regular clothes from home.... the only thing different was the water we used to make his bottles. Once we figured this out (Saturday night) we switched to bottled for the rest of the trip and applied hydro-cortisone cream (which I had with me because I brought the entire kiddie medicine chest from home) and it is already getting better than it was. Fun weekend and SO GLAD TO BE BACK HOME. Looking forward to hanging out at the pool all week. School has ended and camp has not yet begun.

The driver on the bus says "Move on back!". Actually she said to come on and sit in the back.. and that it would cost $10 for a ride. Wha??

Cute one of us before my husband took a shot of me feeling a little quesy on this "preschooler ride". I don't mind height too much but when I'm spinning AND high up - well that's an entirely different story. I like my feet being on solid ground. My daughter, however, is going to need to rent-a-chaperone because she likes things that spin - FAST. She loved the teacups and I got dizzy just trying to take some pictures.

The littlest one loves Cookie... like father like son.

and with her special guy - "grampy".


Much needed {short } getaway

Not feeling very creative today because my mind is bogged down with lists of things to bring for our much needed weekend getaway (favorite blankie for the baby, play-doh for my daughter, bedtime books for all, sunscreen, hats, pack-n-play, crayons, water bottles, everyones' medicines, snacks, directions, plan B directions, plan C directions, clothes for the kids, clothes for me, etc. Not bringing the computer. Details when we return! And I'll have lots of pictures to scrap.


A Month of Milestones (a LO for Ryan's baby book). All papers and elements are from Designer Digitals.

Red paper strip, and blue background from Americana Paper Pack
Paper used for the new foods list is Vintage Text paper
Scripted overlay used to make some of the background paper
Chipboard Stars
Swirl Stamp
Negative sleeve
Main picture grunge - Black Rub-ons
Used Newsprint Alpha for the title

LO is from a sketch by Becky Higgins.

Fonts: Garamond, Carpenter, Leftovers, Artstamp Medium