Aaah. Finally a layout. I had to get back into the swing of things (and go grocery shopping after the weekend away). Now it's time to cozy up with my laptop - hey I should name my laptop, after all I do respect it so and I do spend lots of time with it... I'll have to think about this one). I'm sitting here in 90 degree weather outside. So why am I sitting with a heater on high right next to my feet? Because I married a very cute polar bear who needs it VERY cold in the house. Brrr. Everything in the layout is from Designer Digitals. I used Fushia Solid (lowered the transparency) and Fushia Floral (used blend modes) Paper and Overlay from Sweet Florals Paper Pack, Scripted Overlay (my absolute favorite!), Minnie Mouse letters from Chubby Checker Alphas by Designer Digitals, Circle lines made using Black Rub-ons and the Orange Solid Paper from the Sweet Florals Paper Pack

Fonts: MA Fishy, Day Roman

Your go-everywhere toy. You slept with her and had her with you in the car. She had to come up and down the stairs with you too. We had to bring her to daycare with you and if we forgot her, we had to drive home to get it and bring her to you. You couldn�t go anywhere without her. March 2003


Anonymous Amber said...

Loving this layout! Great pp! :)

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