Bubbles, glorious bubbles! Taken about 2 weeks ago... but I haven't uploaded the pics in my camera lately. Yesterday we went to the farm to pick blueberries!! These are probably the most fun to pick for me since they come off so easily and the kids always find enough ripe berries to pick so there's not alot of disappointment (or whining). We also picked broccoli, but there weren't many heads to pick... mostly florets. But the delivery from the farm came today and we got 3 nice-sized heads! My favorite veggie - yum yum! Well our floors are finally getting repaired... it only took about a year. But the contractors were supposed to come to finish up this morning and didn't show... so they said they'll be here tomorrow. My DH will be home to "greet" them because I won't be home. Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to see a show at a nearby park. I'll bring my camera. Today we had lunch at the park. Delightful. Got a lot of stuff done today. No working out lately. But I watered the garden and planted a few herbs (I know this doesn't count)... I'm not used to our new routine (with J at camp at a different time than I'm used to). Made an appt with a nutritionist for Ryan next Tuesday (also when our air conditioner is being checked for maintenance). I switched our pediatricians finally! So I feel like today was productive in that I got a lot done that has been on my TO DO list for what seems like forever. I also sent out the LO I did for my friend a while back - So Abby, sorry it took so long but it's now on it's way to you. Maybe I can get in a 20 minute weight workout right now. Allergy update: the baby is also allergic to corn, did I mention that in a recent post or no? Oh well.


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