Disk Cleanup

Just wanted to publicly thank my husband (hi Mike!) for suggesting that I perform a disk cleanup on my computer. Every five seconds my computer would rudely tell me that I was low on disk space - so I performed a cleanup and now have 5 GB free... yes between setup files and an enormously large web cache I had 5 *GB* of crap just sitting there taking up precious kit/LO space. So go ahead and try this at home. You never know how much space is out there waiting for you.

I _was_ able to get my allergy shot yesterday. And then went to Babies R Us to get some swimsuits for Ryan. He wore the 12 month ones for a week and then seems to have grown unbelievably big and is now is 12-18 month clothes. At his 9 month checkup (earlier in the month) he was 21 lbs 2 oz (60th percentile) and then his height was 95th percentile. Wahoo!! Perhaps he's going to have my grandfather's and father's height gene. Because it's plain that I didn't get any of it. How is it that I'm shorter than my dad and my mom? I always thought I'd be the average between the two of them and that would have made me mush taller than I am... a pint-sized 5'2". I didn't get any baby backpacks or car seats (on my to-do list for a while). I ran into someone I knew there and was chatting a bit.. and then the kids were cranky so we had to rush through stuff. But the car seat box was huge (um, duh.) and the carrier selection was not so great... and I hadn't done my research. Still haven't. But, hey, I'm up before anyone else in the house so I'm going to try to eat some breakfast and check my email in peace! The day is already starting well. Deep breath in......Aaaaah. :-)


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