Okay, so after a few trials of the snugli I have a few compaints. It's cumbersome. I don't think it exactly fits right on my short frame. And while I love all the compartments - I really want it for around town (which doesn't include the backcountry) and it's too big - plus I can't wear a ponytail with it because it's right in Ryan's face. I want something like the Baby Bjorn that I already own but on the back... so I'm probably going to continue my search. I came across this. It's called the Ergo Baby Carrier. Apparently there's this whole culture of babywearers that swear by these things. I had no idea there was such a thing. Is a baby carrier even necessary for a 9 1/2 month old? The thing is he hates to be carried the normal way to the point where I can hardly do anything while carrying him (opening the front door when locked). Maybe this will be my next choice. Ugggh.


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