Swollen Eye

Been busy taking Jessi to the doctors each day because has had a swollen eye. It happened out of nowhere. We had an impromtu lunch at ZPizza (a new find which I now LOVE - where I had 2 slices of the Casablanca pizza - with a garlic sauce, artichokes, mushrooms, cheese - yum!) and then a delicious dessert at Maggie Moo's (where I had the BEST ice cream I've eva had - eva - I got Better Batter with a Kit Kat blend-in) with the whole family - it was so much fun because Mike was able to join us. Then we were driving around running errands (went to Babies R Us and finally bought her the next car seat - a Britax Marathon) and she said, "Mommy, my eye hurts." At that point there was no swelling just a little redness. I thought that maybe she touched her eye with dirty fingers or poked herself accidentally... but she said that none of those happened. Well after taking her to the doctors on Wednesday afternoon they checked for a scratched cornea (what a fun test that was - she was kicking and screaming and a nurse had to come in the room to help hold her down) - thankfully, it was negative. My intuitive husband said that he thought it was an allergic reaction. Yesterday morning she looked like this (see pic). Her eye was mostly shut but with no discharge at all. I've been pumping her with Benedryl and Tylenol as round the clock as possible. And at times it appears to be going down but then it looks as if it's getting more swollen. After going to the doctor yesterday (They said to call if it gets worse) they put her on Augmentin saying that it was part of a previous sinus infection. I didn't know she had a sinus infection previously - she just had a constant cough after having a cold. So I go back today for a follow-up appointment. But after that I'm looking for a new pedatrician practice. I've been wanting to for some time. They seem to be fine for normal visits but 2 times with Ryan they didn't know at all what to do (with Reflux and the skin rashes).

So I bought the Snugli Evenflo Cross Terrain child backpack carrier. I'm in the testing mode. We went out yesterday two times for 30-60 minutes. My back is sore today... but I only meant to go out for 15-30 minutes because I heard this happens if you're not used to it.

I joined in Rhonna's ATC (Artist Trading Card) group (check June 15 to join). I think this will be so much fun!

No creating last night. I was too busy finding new blogs to read! And checking out forums and magazine web sites. Where can I find How magazine, Inside Photoshop mag, Inside Illustrator, etc..? Borders seems to be lackin' in that area. Aching to be a digital designin' diva.


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