We just got back from our weekend to Sesame Place. Here's a picture from our first stop - the Please Touch Museum in central Philly. This was a great museum (and it looks like there's a lot of development to add new exhibits). There was a cute grocery store area where everything was on shelves at their height. The carts were small and the checkout area was equipped with a toy cash register and and scanner bed. They also had a water play table, the 3 little bear's house with goldilocks dress-up clothes, a big bus where the kids could get behind the wheel. Very cute! Then it was on to Sesame Place where J was afraid of all the characters. We expected this - so it wasn't such a big surprise. And Ryan broke out all over because he was allergic to ---the water. Yes, I said the WATER. That was the only thing that changed. I added no new foods and he slept on stuff that we had washed at home. All this clothes were regular clothes from home.... the only thing different was the water we used to make his bottles. Once we figured this out (Saturday night) we switched to bottled for the rest of the trip and applied hydro-cortisone cream (which I had with me because I brought the entire kiddie medicine chest from home) and it is already getting better than it was. Fun weekend and SO GLAD TO BE BACK HOME. Looking forward to hanging out at the pool all week. School has ended and camp has not yet begun.


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