Well the procedures themselves went okay yesterday but then after we were home for a few hours Mike started getting these wierd side-effects and called his doctor. He told us to go to the hospital so we were there for most of last night. After a bunch of tests we were released and got home at 11pm. Mike rested most of the day and is feeling alot better. It's so scary to have the person who is usually my "rock" in the hospital with tubes in his arm... and then to see him so lethargic and not wanting to eat. So I've been worried about him for the past few days and doing whatever I can to help (not much) and to try to keep the kids away from him since they tend to be very physical and I didn't want him getting hurt. So I'm exhausted mentally and physically - Ryan has started to crawl so my job just got a little more challenging. No longer can I put him down near some toys and get Jessi lunch... he's zoooming across the room to get to the hard step-up in our living room where I hope he doesn't, one day, split his head open. I've tried to introduce him to the joys of magnets hoping that would keep him entertained while washing the lunch dishes but he'd much rather be on the move. So I'm going to watch a movie tonight and just relax. Even though I haven't been on the computer in a few days and miss creating with PS, I just want to curl up next to Mike and watch a funny movie... so Hitch it is; starring Will Smith (I've loved watching him since his Fresh Prince of Bel Air days).

Oh, we joined Netflix for the summer and our first 2 movies came in yesterday! We got Coach Carter and The Aviator... both clock in at over 2 hours. And both dramas, if I'm not mistaken. I'll post reviews after we view these. I just love how fast it arrived! Very impressive and I don't have to deal with the not-the-sharpest-knife-in-the-drawer people at the nearest video store (I'm not being a generalist - since I used to work at Blockbuster while home during summer breaks in college - but the people that I worked with were very courteous and efficient... not at all like the people at my neighborhood store). So three cheers for Netflix and internet movie ordering!! Brilliant.


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