Yes this photo is from Amazon. Directly. I ordered this recently from said store. It is a great cookbook for preschooler that have illustrated pictures for the directions. We are going to make popovers from this (we have made these before from when we checked this book out of the local library). Jessi had such a good time because she was the head chef and I was her helper. She loved the pictures so she could see what we needed to do at the beginning and then again at every step. Confidence builder, helps with math. Cooking as education, enough said. And there's a yummy treat at the end that we'll eat at dinner. Okay so not too much creativity right now because I have to take my husband for some medical tests (just sorta routine stuff) - I'm nervous because I hate when anyone has to be "out" for things. So I'm bringing lots of scrapbooking magazines and my CK journaling book... but I may just end up reading People magazine in the waiting room. My awesome cousin is coming over to watch the kids until we get back. Wish us luck.


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