So I can't sleep

I am wide awake... too much excitement for Jessi's party later this morning I guess. I am such a dork. I should be sleeping. I should TOTALLY be sleeping but instead I'm here typing a blog entry. It was a good thing because I realized that I have no drinks for the adults at the party. No, not vodka, but water and sodas and stuff, although I'm sure a few of the parents wouldn't mind something stronger!!

Before I went to bed I was reading a few books that my mom bought me as gifts - it was Christmas in July for me yesterday when we went to AC Moore (or Hanukkah really)!! I read through Cathy Z's book... and part of Rebecca Sower's new book. I should start journaling more. I used to keep journals and tried to write everyday but sometime a few years ago that all stopped. Rebecca's book is inspiring me to try to do some daily writing... even if it's just recounting the days events.

I was recently reading over some entries in my journal to recover some details about our trip to Italy 4+ years ago (or as we refer to it as The Last Vacation - lol! the one before the kids came along)... I wanted to scrap some vacation pages and couldn't remember most of the details... it was so nice to be able to see what I loved about the places we saw and what I didn't love. It brought back memories. Like for instance that I wrote down what flavors of gelato we tried!! How silly - but it was a big part of our vacation... I was 7 months pregnant and so hot (perhaps a walking vacation in the heat was not an ideal pregnant woman's vacation) so we went to a gelateria at LEAST once a day... sometimes more. I was always so hungry and I threw caution to the wind! It seems that I was a chocolate chip kind of gal and Mike, consistent as he is, was and still is a mint chocolate chip kind of guy. It was neat to see those kinds of things in my own handwriting... even though I no longer *like* my handwriting. I used to have very loveable handwriting when I was younger... but I've fallen out of love. And there were details that I forgot - like taking long train rides (and the books I was reading at the time while on them)... and how many duomos there were there and that we got tired of standing in lines to see them. So instead we'd sit down and get something cold to drink and become European people watchers....

So even though I should probably start journaling again in my own handwriting, I think that just to get myself writing again I will start on the computer...in Word. The keyboard has become such an extension of myself and thought process that I just think better while sitting in front of it - the words flow more at the speed of thought than pen and paper. I may change. I, do, after all, have the right to change my mind, but for now that'll probably be my best shot at getting back into writing. And I say, WHATEVER WORKS!

Wow - so far a whole blog entry and NO interruptions from the kids. I feel like I'm able to make complete sentences and have complete thoughts. Maybe there's something to this middle-of-the-night rambling! That's why sometimes I just post a LO with very little words... those adorable little kids. It's not because I'm snooty!! LOL!

So I'll leave you with a picture that seems like so long ago and yet seems like yesterday of my baby girl 4 years ago today.


Mom Day!

Today is the day my mom arrives in town!! This is birthday party weekend. I can't believe my little girl is going to be 4 on Monday!! This morning I told her she's getting so big and she said that's okay that she'd always be my baby girl. I could just cry. Before becoming a parent I never knew how much you could love someone. It's incredible. I just love my kids so much (I love Mike too, of course, but our love for our kids is just different - as other parents understand). Growing up you just have no idea how much your parents love you (even though they tell you)... so I'm going to give my mom an extra big hug today to thank her for loving me so much over the years because now I knew how she felt.

So this morning I'm downloading fonts. I'm needing an influx of new ones... even if I end up using the same ones over and over. LOL! I'm getting sone new script ones at dafont.com and others at scrapvillage (all FREE): One Fell Swoop, Monika, Jefferson, Freebooter Script, Lipstick Traces, Barbara Hand, Brandywine...

And in party news I think I need to get some more party goodie bags (and goodies) because more kids are coming to the party than I realized. Something like 21+. YIKES! It will be a ver cake-filled weekend. Today we're going to celebrate my mom's birthday and then tomorrow, Jessi's party... then Monday her REAL 4th birthday.

Today before it rains I'm going to dig up the mint (again) that came back. I know sounds like fun (yeah right).



OK so I have to admit that I hate the color yellow. Not just because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do on this LO for the longest time... oh, and I also hate red. I always have since I was little. So I had to work with some fun elements to not go crazy while doing this because I thought this "story" needed to be in my daughter's album. When I look at it now I think I should've done away with that first picture to make it look nice... but I imagine sitting with my daughter when she is older telling her about her climbing up these tall steps that seemed to reach the sky and how she was fearless... surprisingly so. So that's why it's in even though I'm not pretending that all of these bright colors are pleasing to the eye! LOL! CC always welcome!

Everything from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort (except the staples - they are from Designer Digital's Fastener set).

This year we went to the Paviliion for 4th of July festivities. We love living in such a great community where they have so many activities in which we can participate! They had giant slides, a big moonbounce, BBQ sandwiches and snowcones! I didn’t expect that you would want to go on this huge slide. I thought you’d be aftaid of it. This was the biggest slide you had ever been on. But you went on it and you were HOOKED. I couldn’t get you to go on much of anything else after this. You went again and again and again!

Also included lyrics from Helter Skelter in the upper right:
When you get to the bottom
You go back to the top of the slide
And you stop and you turn
And you go for a ride
Then you get to the bottom
Then you see me again
-BEATLES/U2, Helter Skelter

Jen is at it again. Jen, if you are reading this, will you please stop creating for a few months so I can stop spending money?!!! I love ATCs. I can't hide it. I love making them and I love these (and there are other packs too - and I love them all). Now Jen has created her own for use on pages. I love the collage style LO and these will look great on it. I even love Jen's marketing... it's so my style. It speaks to me. Okay Jen stop speaking to me (and my wallet).


Blog help! PLEASE!

Is there anyone that can help me figure out why in IE my blog doesn't appear where it should, but instead appears at the bottom?? I tried to search for any unclosed HTML tags but I won't have a chance to look at this closely until later tonight (hopefully). Thanks Abby for alerting me to the problem. I use Firefox, which is more forgiving with shoddy HTML... not sure how long this has been a problem but hope I can fix it soon.

I am on a search with Peter Reinhart... the search for the perfect pizza. I started reading American Pie a book about Peter's search around the world for the perfect pie two nights ago. I didn't realize how many different categories of crust there were... so for tonight I am making the Neo-Neapolitan Pizza dough tonight which is described in his book as making a pizza that makes a thin, crisp crust with airy pockets at the crown. The dough itself is described as a little sticky and a touch tricky to handle, but the payoff is in the snap when you taste that first bite. Can't wait until dinner! The dough is resting right now before it's soujourn to the refrigerator for a long rise. This dough felt so heavenly to handle. A good dough will do that... it will transport you to a small town where the local bakery is open selling fresh breads with a crisp, crackly crust that opens to reveal a warm, tender bite. Truly heavenly. I feel that for a few moments this morning I visited an wise, elderly pizziola in Naples who helped guide me in the way of the pizza. Aaah.. I even love the aroma of bread dough rising.

In other news:
**I'm pretty sure that Ryan is trying to give up his afternoon nap so this has been a little trying on me - he's up for many more hours which means many more hours of crawling around fast with him making sure he's not banging on the TV (his favorite thing to do) or getting into Jessi's stuff!! But we are having so much fun. I'm just more tired at the end of the day.

**We had our neighbors over last night and we had such a nice dinner. Jessi played so well with their 8 year old. I mean BETTER than ever with anyone else we've ever been with. I notice that she tends to get along with older kids as well as adults. Not sure if that's a first or only child thing (since I'm an only and remember being that way when I was younger).

**We got a swingset!!! YIPEE! It's for Jessi's birthday - but it really fulfills an American dream of sorts for Mike and I. We always wanted to be able to have a playground area on which the could kids. So we are just so happy and feel so fortunate to be able to do this. I smile when I look out the window and see the bright yellow and dark wood of the set!

And the grape tomatoes are ripening. That is reason enough for a summer celebration. But the garden needs some serious attention. I have been neglecting it this summer. But I guess that's inevitable with two small children and temperature around 100 degrees with code red and orange air quality days. It's supposed to be cooler in the coming days so I'll be able to tolerate going outside! And I'll be able to breathe instead of feeling like someone sucked the air out of the sky. What a bonus! And the birthday party planning is going well. Ordered the Strawberry Shortcake cake - Jess will be so excited!


Had to post a picture of this because I LOVE it so much!!! And these photo corners look like they rock!! I love her black photo corners that were in the Colorful Kids kit (my new MU fave of the ones I own).

This awesome kit is "Tropical Breeze" by Michelle Underwood. Just had to mention that Michelle is having a 50% off sale on all her kits a SBB's store (http://scrapbookbytes.com/store/index.php?zenid=9433b763648bd96edd8f4749c43178ca&manufacturers_id=4&zenid=9433b763648bd96edd8f4749c43178ca&main_page=index). I love her color combos and she's always coming out with a new kit. This kit is #2 on my list (even though I haven't been near a tropical breeze in quite some time - nor do I have any plans to be!)... but I love the colors for those pages that need to be a bit more masculine. So grab some kits on sale while you can. And I just saw that she has a new mini kit which is in the top #1 spot called Aged to Perfection (http://scrapbookbytes.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&manufacturers_id=4&products_id=1249)... Love IT!!

Happy Birthday!

Today is a very special day! It's my mom's birthday....Happy Birthday MOM!! Looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend!


Had to document the little one's crawling... since I think next month will be a new milestone. I love seeing his little tooshie when he's crawling.. he is just the cutest. So here's his crawling LO... I thought that I had to get away from only doing double page LOs for the baby album because single ones are so much fun!! This one's called "And He's Off!" Credits: Still Life from Scrap Artist and Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort.


Warmth of a hug. On our way to Best Buy today I was looking through the July issue of CK (because I JUST got it - why do subscribers get things after the newstands?? August is already out - Iknow this because I saw it at the store, but has it arrive at my mailbox? NO! but I digress) so I saw this quote in a LO and it was just what I was looking for for these photos. Jessi had asked if she could hug her brother so we sat them both on the couch so she could help support them both (since he couldn't sit up at the time!)... so cute. Everything here from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort collection. Some are from the CD some are from the elements pack. I grunged up the larger type with brushes in photoshop and adjusted the opacity. Fonts: Typewriter and CAC Shoshoni Brush.

Photo Challenge

Took these for the photography challenge over at ScrapArtist. Jenn's challenge was to see household things from a different perspective... in my case I used part of my lunch yesterday! I didn't doctor anything up or crop it otherwise I would've made the tomato more to the right! But just want to get it up. When I think of cucumbers I think refreshing! And I can't have tuna without some of these..tomatoes were added just for color.. but they tasted great too!

Anyhow, Jessi's fever broke last night and she's feeling much better this morning...but Mike and I woke up not feeling quite right... with our throats a little sore. So we're not going to workout today as planned (today was going to be our make-up day, since we didn't work out yesterday). Okay so only 4 times this week.. better than nothing which is what was going on 2 weeks ago!!

Tried to have a movie night last night with Mike but we rented two bad movies... Stepford Wives (so far from the book and in your face - as if the directors and screenwriters thinks that their audience is a bunch of morons... the book was far more subtle. We turned it off after 45 minutes) then we popped in The Terminal. I like Tom Hanks but I just couldn't spend 2+ hours of my life and watch him be victimized while that stipud guy just tried to get him to break the law. We stopped after 40 minutes... right when the head guy made someone in charge of collecting the luggage carts so Tom Hank's character could no longer collect the change from returning them. I'm sure the movie redeemed itself but I couldn't sit through it. I was saddened by it, while Mike couldn't see the plausability of them not being able to find a translator at JFK in the international wing. So it was a bummer of a movie night... we'll have to pick out some other titles on our Netflix list (I'm so loving their service - we just need to pick better movies - LOL!).


On Tuesday Jessi woke up with chest congestion and wheezing so we gave her a breathing treatment and last night she developed a high fever... so I think it will be very low-key around here. Have to cancel our playdate - I feel so bad because Jessi SOOO wanted to see her preschool friends. She really misses them - she keeps asking when it will start up again. But playing with friends will have to wait. I have a feeling we'll be reading lots of books and watching many Strawberry Shortcake movies today.


Mom - *don't* look at this post - come back tomorrow (or if you're still reading - which I suspect you are go ahead and look since you don't like surprises)!! Finished off the pages for the ABC album... which is a good thing since I plan on giving it to my mom as her birthday present at the end of the month. Please excuse the white space (it's set for printing on the poster size at Costco and I just haven't filled the rest of it up yet)... so I thought all I had to do was add the pics but my P/Q page and my W page seemed to have vanished! So I had to redo these. Oh well. The ATCs are printed now (on HP matte photo paper - which I also printed on the back of to include all the card info like my email, name, credits, etc.) I'll go and trim them now and see if I have a corner rounder... I think I must have one of those still lying around among the dusty paper stuff.

And the last ones.

I was so happy to discover that one of the camp counselor's at Jessi's camp finished Harry Potter so I could talk to her about it. I just handed the book off to Mike so I haven't been able to talk to anyone about it except Dena (through her blog: http://www.dbcooperfamily.blogspot.com/)... can't wait until Mike finishes!! I need to talk and hypothesize to make myself feel better about the latest book. Had a playdate with my neighbor today and had a great time. I consider hanging with this friend a playdate for me because I so enjoy talking with her!! My iPod's not working - it won't shut off or go back in the menus so I need to call Apple later today. Also on the list of things to do is to make dinner reservations for when my in-laws are coming in for a visit (the middle of next month). I tried to meet my husband for lunch today (I know this is funny since he works from home... and, hey, so do I.) But after dropping Jessi at camp we tried to meet at a real restaurant and discovered 10 minutes into that we are now at the stage where we can no longer do this. Ryan doesn't want to sit in the high chair and only wants to crawl around. So I packed up with Ryan and left; Mike got everything wrapped up to go and brought it home where we finished up at our kitchen table (which is what we should've done to begin with). Oh well... now we know for sure!! We'll try again in a year! lol!! Oh, I got this picture today from my mom (a money bouquet). She made this for her boyfriend's teenage neice! I just thought it was so cute! She's so crafty - it's no wonder where I get my love for making things from! Great job Mom!! I love you!! Now I'm off to print out my ATCs for Rhonna's ATC swap. Also on my to-do for tonight (my ME-time) finish Ryan's ABC album (minus the picture needed of him yawning - that I do NOT have). Also on the list for the week is cleaning out my FONTS and finding some new fonts that I like. Post your favorites in the comments if you'd like. Toodles!


Just finished Harry Potter earlier in the evening so I had to do a LO because I haven't done ones in a few days (the ones I posted were done before I started - just hadn't posted them yet!). Jess and I love to do puzzles together and the moment I saw Nancie's new Aged Floral I knew I had to use it! I love this kit because my daughter always wears these colors so I knew they would go wonderfully!!! Here's the journaling: Looking back I always remember loving puzzles as a young girl. Great-Grandma Dorothy would let me help her with whatever puzzle she was working on at the time whether it be animals, a complicated city scene, or huge ones with thousands of pieces. Grandma Sandy would set up a card table for me in our living room so that I could do puzzles and still be in the same room with her. And she even bought me puzzle glue and frames so I could have a lasting reminder of my hard efforts. I just loved the thrill of so many tiny pieces, so colorful, each one having a precise place, but yet unknown to me at the beginning. I would always start with the edges and then work on the inner pieces; something I still do to this day. It seems you have inherited my puzzle gene. We started on 24 piece puzzles when you turned three but we have quickly progresses and you are already doing puzzles with 150 pieces! And tonight was the first night that upon opening a new puzzle you said that we should start with the outside edges! It seems as if my snese of order is rubbing off.

How's this for feeling? This is for the ScrapArtist photo challenge for this past week. Tomorrow there will a new one so I had to get this in.

LO of the day is by ksharonk (http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=96426&cat=500&ppuser=1266). So cute!!

My pick for paper sets today is Whimsical Watercolors from Designer Digitals. Love this paper set - the colors remind me of having a picknic with a glass of wine on a comfy blanket in the great outdoors (without the high humidity we've been having in the mid-Atlantic)!


My daughter is always asking when she can do specific things like have a sleepover, go to visit where the Wiggles live (Australia), when can her baby brother come out and play with her in the rain... things like that. I always say when she gets older and she always says, "Okay maybe when I'm ten or five." Credits Hush papers and tags, staple, and chipboard from Designer Digitals, solid paper from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort and photo corners from Michelle Underwood's Colorful kids.


Harry is very angry at breaking my date... but for the DigiChick and Michelley-Jelly - well things happen. I was at the crop (missed most of the chat since I can't do both at the same time!) LOL! Here's an older picture (when my daughter, now 4, had just turned 1). Great kit. Thanks Michelle and Holly for the freebie! You two are a great team. Hope to see more collaboration in the future!

I'm picking out some kits that I love this from this week and last week (that I don't own - but hopefully will someday)... but after buying the camera I'll be trying to cut down on my consumerism. The colors in this remind me of the SEI pack that I bought a looong time ago and have never used because I not really biscraptual and after I found digital.. well there are lots of supplies hanging around that I plan to use for cards or for art projects with Jessi when she gets older.. or maybe they're eBay-bound!! So this one is by Holly (http://www.thedigichick.com).

The Vintage Alphas from Ali F (and her others are gorgeous too).

The NEW Vol 3 from Gina Cabrera at Digital Design Essentials.

And Panache from Carrie Stephens.

Come on over to ScrapArtist's Forums for Challenge #2 this week... creating an ATC. Even if it's your first one or your twenty-first!This is the ATC that I did for the second challenge. It uses a bunch of different ScrapArtist kits (Women's Day, Daddy-O, Fair Trade). Love all the stamps, ribbons, and soft blended papers - perfect for the ATC I had in mind.


Here's one of the first pics taken this morning with the new camera. This is my first baby. Meet Linky (actually Lincoln; but more often than not, she's Stinky Linky) - she's now 7 1/2 years old. She's just as quirky as the rest of the crazy characters I live with - this one has a foot fetish and will sit and lick feet for hours... and like all things associated with feet. Don't leave shoes on the floor out in the open because she will lick the insides until they are all goopy and soaked... and she might even eat them (just ask my mom, victim #1), and even if you stuff your socks waaay inside your sneakers she wil get them out and run away with them. But I love her... just look at her face - how could I not?

drumroll please!! (Canon EOS 20D NEWS!)

At 5:35 last night (with a splitting headache) I went upstairs after Mike suggested I go take 15 minutes to lay down - and hopefully feel better and more able to deal with eldest offspring whinings. It was the last day of the rebate for the Canon EOS 20D. The gift card I had been awaiting hadn't come earlier when our mail was delivered. Imagine my surprise when at 5:45pm the doorbell rings and I hear Mike yell, "LISA!" Our gift card had been delivered by UPS (duh - so there would be tracking - of course!!)!!!

So last night after the kids were put to bed, I went to Best Buy and bought the CAMERA (and they did a price match with Costco)!! We took a ton of pictures today - the auto ones look great (even the mundane ones due to overzealous photographers)... need to figure out how to operate the "creative modes".... but that will have to wait until I have time to read the manual and play around...because HARRY POTTER arrived this afternoon and I will be taking an evening scrapping break to spend time with Harry.

And did you hear that the great Gina Cabrera has a new CD coming out!?? There seem to be so many amazing designers releasing new products lately. It's hard to keep up. I'm going to post some of the ones that I think look particularly interesting in the next few days... so stay tuned.


This for tonight's crop for the CD Release of That's Hawt by Dawn and Trish. Looks like a great CD if the freebies are any indication!!


I've been found out!

Just read this over at http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/20dd70.htm (thanks Candeewrapz over at 2Peas for the link):

"Don't become a victim of analysis paralysis. Just go get one and have a blast making photos."

Oh, sure, easy for you to say!!

Cake Delay. I know that this is overdue but I was just recently able to upload my pictures from the camera... this is the cake I made for July 4th. As you can see we didn't use enough raspberries!! I only wrote down 2 half pints of strawberries but the recipe called for 3. So we improved here and there and spaced as needed! Everyone loved it... except for me (and Jessi - like Mommy like daughter) we're both buttercream frosting fans and didn't want to eat the cake due to the cheesecake-like fronting. It was fun to make it with my pint-sized helper but I don't know that we'll be following the exact recipe again (from Barefoot Contessa). Just checked the mailbox and there is STILL NO gift card... tomorrow the rebate ends and I was hoping to be able to use that in getting the new camera. Maybe it'll be here in tomorrow's mail.


Day 3

How many days does it take to make a new habit, again? Because I forgot. I went to the gym today and took part in a real, live group exercise class, took the kiddies to the play center there (didn't go over so well)... it's been a long time since I've participated in one of these types of classes - since the kids appeared on the scene, well maybe arrived is more appropriate, since I don't want you to think I wiggled my nose and all of sudden two darling little children appeared... so since they've been here I've been a work-out-at-home or, less seldom, a with-jogging-stroller gal. But I realize now, as if I didn't realize it before while trying to complete 12 measley push-ups (bent-knee mind you), that I am OUTTA SHAPE folks! There was an 80 year old woman in the class that was doing all of the push-ups... and this was in the first 20 minutes. There were 100 lunges and 200 squats and 300 kicks and 400 crunches and 500 bodybar whatchamicalits. At least it felt that way. There's no way I'm going to be able to move tomorrow morning. But I STILL DID IT, right?! I'll spare you every day of my working out - but for the first week I feel that if I'm obligated to write about it here then I'll be motivated to do it! So bear with me for a few more days.

I am not feeling creative today... it started last night really but I haven't shaken it yet. And tonight I'm hoping I can persuade my DH to watch a movie. I haven't picked up my camera in a few days - because of the now 2 hinge-broken battery door (instead of just one). When my DH got the mail the other day we thought the Best Buy gift certificate came in -- and you know what that would mean - NEW CAMERA DAY. But it wasn't yesterday. MAYBE TODAY! Gotta go check the mailbox to see if it came yet.

My favorite LO of the day is: 5 Things
It's actually a collection of 5 or so layouts by scrappingmum ... and I love the idea. Will have to lift this for the future...



I finally got the chance to work out today. Two workouts; two days. So far , so good. I've been researching cameras every chance I get. I'm sure regular readers are tired of hearing about my indecision. I know I am!

Ryan has been resisting a nap today. He's finally down - but 7 hours of being awake for a baby can only mean one thing - another milestone is near. This happened with the crawling, happens with the teething... so I'm guessing that he'll be walking before the end of the day. {OK maybe not - I don't think we're all ready for that!} Need to make sure the videocamera is charged at all times and ready to go!! I'll have to post my daughter's first steps one of these days that we caught on video!! It was an amazing thing to witness {yes, I realize I'm a little biased!}.

I'm drinking water right now, are you!!?? {trying to continue and promote the healthy choices}

Day 2

Day 2. Got up, out of bed, dressed for workout. Baby was up. Mike set up the pack and play downstairs for Ryan to play in. He didn't like it. Workout stopped during WARM-UP! Will have to try again later in the day... maybe after gymnastics and during Ryan's first nap.

Hey, the forums at ScrapArtist are now OPEN! Come and join me in the Inspiration Challenge forum where each week I'll post a new layout challenge (I'm going to try for every Monday but it might be Sunday night - for those wanting to get a head start! lol!). Sometimes it will be fonts, sometimes a journaling prompt, ads, art - anything goes. The first week's inspiration comes from the J.Jill web site (there's a picture of it at the thread since web site's are known to change). Hope you'll stop on by and say HI!

Here's a little color for your day: ATC #2. Everything from Summer Travels Moroccan Hideaway. Nothing fancy, just wanted to play with the Summer Travels CD over the weekend.


Day 1

Okay so the alarm went off at 6:45am and I just wanted to cover my head and ignore it. So I did. I tried to go back to sleep... operative word: TRIED! I really wanted to slack and slumber on but my body would not go back to sleep. So instead of hanging out in bed, since my mind was already beating myself up for not getting out of it yet... I got on my workout clothes, filled up the water bottle, grabbed the latest issue of Digital Photographer (thought I'd buy it in the grocery store since I am in the market for a new camera) and went into the basement. Now I am not a morning person so I knew that it would be a bad idea to get on the treadmill and try to run lest I desire to bucked off of the machine like a bad rodeo scene. So onto the elliptical. So if all else fails today I will have at least done something good for me. Halleluyah.

And a small victory for yesterday (a failed workout day - was going to and then didn't)... I was starving at 10:30 in the morning even though I already had breakfast and instead of grabbing the m&m chocolate chip cookie that had been calling my name I picked up - get this - a banana! Look out world! I'm chasing my demons!

This need for workouts has come about because it has occured to me that Ryan is a little older than 10 months now. He will soon be a year old! How did this happen? I'm so out of shape and it's not just the kind where my shorts don't feel good (because that's waaay long ago - I already bought shorts 2 sizes bigger than normal as you know from reading previous entries) but my body aches when it shouldn't; I was getting winded after carrying Ryan with the backpack for a short period of time, and sometimes pushing that double stroller was feeling like a workout. So I am going to try to be healthier. I really am. I will try to eat healthier, make healthier lifestyle choices, try to change my attitude when I'm in a crappy mood, just try to be better generally. So who's with me?


Here's a LO as a sneak preview for the ScrapArtist crop tonight (with the Summer Dew kit). Will likely add a quote or some journaling.. work in progress. Hope you enjoy! Off to go for a walk with the family... we've been sitting in the house and it's such a beautiful day out - don't want to waste it!

Meet the ScrapArtist Creative Team - tonight!

Just finished The Great Gatsby last night (in the nick of time - since my book club meeting is tonight)! I thought I enjoyed this book when I read it the first time in high school (required reading)... but I was just so disgusted with the characters... I mean why does Nick hang around with people his whole summer that he doesn't like? Maybe it's was the author's intention to paint the times as appearing glamorous and exciting, but actually lonely. Can't remember the literary analysis from back then... but I can't have imagined that I would have done the same as Nick. As for Gatsby, I'm amazed that he hung on to Daisy for so long. That man was persistent. And Daisy... well I don't know what to make of her. I can see both sides. But since I read this so quick I'm sure I missed things so I look forward to discussing it tonight with friends. And onto a more creative note... tonight it's the ScrapArtist's Meet the Creative Team chat/crop. Come to the chat tonight from 10-11pm EST (in the new ScrapArtist chat room: http://www.scrapartist.com/scrapchat/index.php). I'm amazed by the talent on this team. And they are all so much fun. Loved working with everyone so much. Hope to see you there.

I have been having the toughest time working out lately. I just can't do it. Sometimes I try. And other times I don't have the ooompf. But today I DID! I ran too (gave hubby his choice and he picked the elliptical so that left the treadmill fo me)! WAHOOO me. Okay let's just forget that I had a chicken philly cheesesteak at Great Steaks in the mall with french fries. Yes, let's forget that whole thing happened. I"m so stuffed that I didn't eat dinner... it must've had more than 1000 calories... how else would I be so stuffed for so long. But it tasted sooo good. So this Monday we're going to start getting up early and working out together (whenever we do this it usually works - but uggh it's so hard to get up early!) Okay I have some new layouts to post. I told you I was going to play around with those Worn Comfort Element kits... so here's In My Daughter's Eyes. I know I already scrapped this picture but I wasn't totally happy with my LO and then I found Martina McBride's song. I have never heard this since I don't listen to much country music... bur I've got to track this down and have myself a listen. I love the lyrics. Layout Credits: Papers and Elements from Jen WIlson's Worn Comforts CD (Saturday Sundae kit) and Saturday Sundae Elements Kit. The flower is from Front Porch Elements kit (recolored).

Journaling (lyrics by Martina McBride):
In my daughter's eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I wanna be
In my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light and the
world is at peace
This miracle God gave to me gives me
strength when I am weak
I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes

And when she wraps her hand
around my finger
Oh it puts a smile in my heart
Everything becomes a little clearer
I realize what life is all about

It's hangin' on when your heart
has had enough
It's giving more when you feel like giving up
I've seen the light
It's in my daugter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she'll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I'm gone I hope you see how happy
she made me
For I'll be there... in my daughter's eyes.

Here's the other layout that I did today. I think I should do something with the photo - maybe a filter or an effect - something. Any suggestions? Anyone out there? I just love these papers. They coordinate so well. I'm having so much fun with the Worn Comfort and Summer Travels CDs. Great job Jen and Lauren!! And now for the layout credits....Papers from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort CD (Front Porch kit), flowers, ribbon, and alphas from Front Porch Element kit, tag from Saturday Sundae Element Kit. Date tag from Summer Travels CD (Midsummer Night -Jen Wilson), staples from Sumer Travels (Sand Dune - Lauren Bird). Fonts: Garamond (date), ITC Franklin Gothic (journaling), Corinthia (my)

Journaling Poem (from 2Peas but I thought it fit perfectly):
That smiling little sunbeam, with the sparkle in her eyes,
With that charming baby manner, she is heaven in disguise;
Just as busy as a minute and so happy all day long...
That's my girl, and when she's near me, nothing ever can go wrong.

She's a precious little helper, as she follows me about,
With her endless bits of chatter, she is sweet, without a doubt.
If I scold her when she's naughty, and her little face is sad
Then I give her something special, just to try to make her glad.

There's a doll in every corner, and a toy on every chair
And a book that she's been painting, and forgot and left it there;
But the way she says, "I'm sorry," is a precious sight to see...
That's my girl, and all's forgiven,'cause she means the world to me.

She's so very diplomatic for a tiny little miss
And she fills my heart with gladness, with a tender hug and kiss.
There's no angel quite as lovely, with a ribbon on her curl
And there'll never be another, quite as sweet, 'cause that's my girl.


Worn Comfort Element Packs

Jen Wilson is one of my top 5 favorite designers! I haven't done alot of scrapping with her stuff but that's because I have recently discovered what a gem her products are. They are so life-like and real that I want to just reach into my computer screen and touch the stuff. Yes, they're that good!

I just found out that her Worn Comforts elements sets are now available at SBB!! Here's a view of the Front Porch element pack that coordinates with the Front Porch papers on the Worn Comfort CD. I just bought all of the ones available! I want to be her apprentice! Hey, Jen, a reality TV show anytime soon? So go grab these now and they just happen to be on sale too... each are only $2!!! (And no, I'm don't receive any kickbacks from this, and I'm not on her design team - maybe next time! -- I just simply know good design when I see it).


Organic Trade Association

You've got to see this mini-movie! My husband showed this to me this morning and I love it! He's a huge Star Wars fan and I love the organic foods movement... even though we're not eating as much organic food lately since Whole Foods isn't right by us any more (although I do garden organically in my veggie garden). With characters like Cuke Skywalker, Princess Lettuce, and Darth Tater this is sure to entertain. There's even a light saber scene that takes place on a grocery scale. Love it. They put alot of thought and time into this. Check it out. Hope you enjoy.


Today I have to Jessi's new carseat installed. I tried to do it myself and just couldn't figure it out. So off to the fire station we go. I'm closer to making a decision on the camera... think I want the EOS 20D with just the standard lens... found out that it comes with a battery and charger so I will only need to get an extra battery and a bag.. I will worry about extra lenses next year. Maybe a tripod for the holidays (hint hint). I'll leave you with this LO Love this...probably because I learned to extract... love learning something new! I love the blues and the papers here. Designer Digitals papers and elements Batik Paper Pack and Batik Accent Elements, Definitions paper (delight), Digital Date Stamps
Brushes - unknown (named sq3)
Fonts: Misproject, Hootie. When this gets printed out it will go right into a 12x12 frame that I found at Wal-Mart and hang in our living room... along with the recent LO from our wedding day.


So I called the Food Allergy Network today asking for them to send me some information and they suggested this cookbook. Who knew that this even existed! How cool! I really thought that by the time I was comfortable with dealing with Ryan's food allergies I'd be writing a book about it.. but someone already has. I'll be ordering this soon.


Possible Camera Progress

Maybe this is a sign. I was researching cameras (today I had had enough of the broken battery compartment)... Canon just launched a new site for beginning digital SLR users ... I just printed out what seems like 100 pages from a review over at Digital Photography Review and I just realized that the Nikon D70s is in the same price range as the Canon EOS 20D so the Rebel XT is looking REAL good... I'm going to check over at the photography forums at SBB and read the rest of the reviews over at DPR (which could easily take a year - lol!). Stay tuned. It's pouring out right now and I let Jessi play out in the rain... I think I got some great shots... still have to wait until I have upload capability.


Table For Two, Make That Three

more more more... scrapping during fireworks... I'm home with the baby. Everything from ScrapArtist (staples, alpha pebbles, and the Sweet Shop paper set). Fonts are Garamond (TABLE), PetraScript (journaling), Typewriter (two, three), Misproject (date), Plastique (make that). Stapled title strips from Autumn Leaves Designing With Calender (Apr 8, 2005). Thanks for looking.

This day is waay more productive that I thought. Both kids are napping (told J if she didn't nap she wouldn't get to see fireworks tonight) and I think Mike is working on the outline for the book he will be writing this year (or he might be sleeping - not sure). It's eerily quiet around here. Still no July 4th layouts even though I had a great time with Jessi at the neighborhood festival because since we set Jessi up on her own computer I realized that we now have no monitor attached to where I normally upload our photos... This photo is from Jan when Jessi gave up her nap time!! Jean Belt loops, popsicle stick, market tag, staple, and Krafty Girl papers by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.

Journaling: "No more afternoon breaks for Mommy. You�re not tired. You want to color. You want to play dress-up. You want to jump on your trampoline. You want to put on the music and dance. You want to bake something with Mommy. But you�re definitely not tired. Okay, but can we please have quiet time for a little while so Mommy can make a phone call or make the grocery list? OK, sounds good. And hey, no nap time means you�re tired and ready for bed at 7:00 pm. Not bad. I think Daddy and I can learn to like this!"

HAPPY 4th!! We're about to head off to the July 4th festivities (well after I take a shower)...but I managed to get a LO done that I had in progress and forgot about. I love Jen Wilson's Beautiful You kit. She ROCKS! I'm so glad I discovered her stuff (note to self: buy more of her kits! play with the CDs of hers that I just bought)... and she's really nice too. So here's "Asleep in the Hallway".

Journaling: "So I am walking upstairs and it�s really dark. I suaully tiptoe up since you and your brother and I never want to disturb quiet angels because they can turn on you rather quickly. I look straight ahead and there you are, totally laid out on the floor. On your belly. Sleeping. With fingers in your mouth. Mom and I were downstairs and we thought we had heard you run around earlier in the night. But there you were, conked out right on the floor right outside your bedroom. It was funny, strange, and little scary. After checking your breathing (you were fine) I tiptoed into our bedroom thinking that you might be trying to pull something over on dear old Dad. You weren�t. I walked down the stairway and you still didn�t move. I ran over to Mom and said, �Whatever you are doing now, please, you have to see this�. We went upstairs and Mom couldn�t believe it either! She got the camera from downstairs and shot some night vision photos, which don�t do it justice. You apparently stayed up too late -- even for you -- and wiped out on the floor outside your room. -Dad (I ended up picking you up and bringing you to your bed)"
Feb 1, 2005

Ribbons, title alphas, and papers from Jen Wilson's Beautiful You. Staples from Michelle Underwood's Enjoy the Day. Chain (Jen Wilson) and J Lighhouse alpha charm (Lauren Bird) from Summer Travels CD's MidSummer Night Kit.

Fonts: Garamond, Plastique, SF-Remember, Misproject

A New Coat of Paint

I don't have any July 4th pictures for today... hopefully I'll take some later when we go to our friend's house so I can post a patriotic LO tonight. But here's...A New Coat of Paint. Papers from Designer Digitals's Simple Simon Kit.

Fonts: Typewriter, Garamond, Misproject, SF-Remember

Journaling: You had FUN with this art project. We combined two things that you love: your rock collection and painting. It didn�t matter that all the sparkly paint washed off after we put them back outside the next day when it rained. For a few moments you quietly created a masterpiece and gave new life to your rocks with... a new coat of paint.


Here's a LO from a recent trip to the pool! One of my all time favorite things to do!! All papers from Michelle Underwood's Enjoy the Day kit (I think that this is my new favorite Michelle Underwood Kit - well it's tied for #1 with Summer Blooms). Fonts: Pertra Script, Sonderfistad.


Yea, after several days off from real scrapping I got a chance to do one. This was a really funny event that made my husband and I laugh so hard! The fact that Jessi thought about how her brother was going to someday start crawling (this took place last month, mind you, before he could actually crawl) and that she had to clean up her room so there'd be no toys for him to grab and possibly break or worse - PLAY WITH!... was just so cute to us!! I called this LO: Where Did Everything Go? Journaling: "After I helped you brush your teeth I went to go get Daddy so we could read a story and sing bedtime songs. When we came in we were greeted by you... and, oddly enough, a VERY clean room. Now don?t get me wrong, your room is usually clean, since you are a product of me and Dad but this was even cleaner than normal. You had a determined look on your face and stood with your hands on your hips. You carefully explained that you had to clean up your room and get everything up off the floor so that your brother wouldn?t be able to get to any of your toys when he, eventually learns to crawl. You are so cute. Ryan can?t crawl yet... and probably won?t for a little while, but it?s always good to be prepared!"

Papers and epoxy stickers from ScrapArtist's Sweet Shop, staple from Fair Trade kit, photo turn from ScrapArtist Metals. Bow from joint venture Independence kit (ScrapArtist and SMDesigns).

Fonts: Mechanical Fun, TW Cent, SF-Remember

I sooo love the one issue of Photoshop User that I got at my local Borders that I'm ready to take the plunge and join NAPP. One of my goals this year (before even starting digital scrapping) was to learn how to use Photoshop better... now my hobby has certainly helped. I've always had a love affair with this program and when I was doing web programming at Nasdaq I would find excuses to use it... I'd often find myself redesigning the site in my head while sitting in meetings. So when you join NAPP you get a subscription to this and a discount on Layers (which looks great but was wondering if it is still a Mac mag - and would that even matter - I'd be able to follow along with different shortcut keystrokes right)? But this magazine, stylistically seems even better.. if that's possible. So it's all a slippery slope... and the hobby that was supposed to save me money now has me wanting a Photoshop upgrade and a new camera... hmmm. Not exactly as planned! But I'm LOVIN it! Have a great weekend everyone.