And the grape tomatoes are ripening. That is reason enough for a summer celebration. But the garden needs some serious attention. I have been neglecting it this summer. But I guess that's inevitable with two small children and temperature around 100 degrees with code red and orange air quality days. It's supposed to be cooler in the coming days so I'll be able to tolerate going outside! And I'll be able to breathe instead of feeling like someone sucked the air out of the sky. What a bonus! And the birthday party planning is going well. Ordered the Strawberry Shortcake cake - Jess will be so excited!


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I have a garden that isnt doing very well this year. Last year we had a wonderful yield and this year because of the horrible hot weather i havent weeded or fetilized it :( we are getting alot of large tomatoes but, im afraid that my grape and cherry tomatoes didnt make it. Yours look YUMMY!!

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