Cake Delay. I know that this is overdue but I was just recently able to upload my pictures from the camera... this is the cake I made for July 4th. As you can see we didn't use enough raspberries!! I only wrote down 2 half pints of strawberries but the recipe called for 3. So we improved here and there and spaced as needed! Everyone loved it... except for me (and Jessi - like Mommy like daughter) we're both buttercream frosting fans and didn't want to eat the cake due to the cheesecake-like fronting. It was fun to make it with my pint-sized helper but I don't know that we'll be following the exact recipe again (from Barefoot Contessa). Just checked the mailbox and there is STILL NO gift card... tomorrow the rebate ends and I was hoping to be able to use that in getting the new camera. Maybe it'll be here in tomorrow's mail.


Blogger Carrie Stephens said...

I think it looks super yummy.. love cream cheese icing here! you DEFINATLY get an A+++ for effort!!!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Mary Fran said...

Oooh does that loooooooook scrumpdillylicious! Ooooh I sure could go for a slice and a half of that puppy! Yum, yum, yum! Boy you did a fabulous job! New career, perhaps!

8:47 PM  

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