Day 1

Okay so the alarm went off at 6:45am and I just wanted to cover my head and ignore it. So I did. I tried to go back to sleep... operative word: TRIED! I really wanted to slack and slumber on but my body would not go back to sleep. So instead of hanging out in bed, since my mind was already beating myself up for not getting out of it yet... I got on my workout clothes, filled up the water bottle, grabbed the latest issue of Digital Photographer (thought I'd buy it in the grocery store since I am in the market for a new camera) and went into the basement. Now I am not a morning person so I knew that it would be a bad idea to get on the treadmill and try to run lest I desire to bucked off of the machine like a bad rodeo scene. So onto the elliptical. So if all else fails today I will have at least done something good for me. Halleluyah.

And a small victory for yesterday (a failed workout day - was going to and then didn't)... I was starving at 10:30 in the morning even though I already had breakfast and instead of grabbing the m&m chocolate chip cookie that had been calling my name I picked up - get this - a banana! Look out world! I'm chasing my demons!

This need for workouts has come about because it has occured to me that Ryan is a little older than 10 months now. He will soon be a year old! How did this happen? I'm so out of shape and it's not just the kind where my shorts don't feel good (because that's waaay long ago - I already bought shorts 2 sizes bigger than normal as you know from reading previous entries) but my body aches when it shouldn't; I was getting winded after carrying Ryan with the backpack for a short period of time, and sometimes pushing that double stroller was feeling like a workout. So I am going to try to be healthier. I really am. I will try to eat healthier, make healthier lifestyle choices, try to change my attitude when I'm in a crappy mood, just try to be better generally. So who's with me?


Anonymous Mary Fran said...

Good for you to be making such wise and healthy choices! I know how you feel. And I didn't have a child only ten months ago. Yikes! haha

10:51 AM  

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