HAPPY 4th!! We're about to head off to the July 4th festivities (well after I take a shower)...but I managed to get a LO done that I had in progress and forgot about. I love Jen Wilson's Beautiful You kit. She ROCKS! I'm so glad I discovered her stuff (note to self: buy more of her kits! play with the CDs of hers that I just bought)... and she's really nice too. So here's "Asleep in the Hallway".

Journaling: "So I am walking upstairs and it�s really dark. I suaully tiptoe up since you and your brother and I never want to disturb quiet angels because they can turn on you rather quickly. I look straight ahead and there you are, totally laid out on the floor. On your belly. Sleeping. With fingers in your mouth. Mom and I were downstairs and we thought we had heard you run around earlier in the night. But there you were, conked out right on the floor right outside your bedroom. It was funny, strange, and little scary. After checking your breathing (you were fine) I tiptoed into our bedroom thinking that you might be trying to pull something over on dear old Dad. You weren�t. I walked down the stairway and you still didn�t move. I ran over to Mom and said, �Whatever you are doing now, please, you have to see this�. We went upstairs and Mom couldn�t believe it either! She got the camera from downstairs and shot some night vision photos, which don�t do it justice. You apparently stayed up too late -- even for you -- and wiped out on the floor outside your room. -Dad (I ended up picking you up and bringing you to your bed)"
Feb 1, 2005

Ribbons, title alphas, and papers from Jen Wilson's Beautiful You. Staples from Michelle Underwood's Enjoy the Day. Chain (Jen Wilson) and J Lighhouse alpha charm (Lauren Bird) from Summer Travels CD's MidSummer Night Kit.

Fonts: Garamond, Plastique, SF-Remember, Misproject


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