Here's the other layout that I did today. I think I should do something with the photo - maybe a filter or an effect - something. Any suggestions? Anyone out there? I just love these papers. They coordinate so well. I'm having so much fun with the Worn Comfort and Summer Travels CDs. Great job Jen and Lauren!! And now for the layout credits....Papers from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort CD (Front Porch kit), flowers, ribbon, and alphas from Front Porch Element kit, tag from Saturday Sundae Element Kit. Date tag from Summer Travels CD (Midsummer Night -Jen Wilson), staples from Sumer Travels (Sand Dune - Lauren Bird). Fonts: Garamond (date), ITC Franklin Gothic (journaling), Corinthia (my)

Journaling Poem (from 2Peas but I thought it fit perfectly):
That smiling little sunbeam, with the sparkle in her eyes,
With that charming baby manner, she is heaven in disguise;
Just as busy as a minute and so happy all day long...
That's my girl, and when she's near me, nothing ever can go wrong.

She's a precious little helper, as she follows me about,
With her endless bits of chatter, she is sweet, without a doubt.
If I scold her when she's naughty, and her little face is sad
Then I give her something special, just to try to make her glad.

There's a doll in every corner, and a toy on every chair
And a book that she's been painting, and forgot and left it there;
But the way she says, "I'm sorry," is a precious sight to see...
That's my girl, and all's forgiven,'cause she means the world to me.

She's so very diplomatic for a tiny little miss
And she fills my heart with gladness, with a tender hug and kiss.
There's no angel quite as lovely, with a ribbon on her curl
And there'll never be another, quite as sweet, 'cause that's my girl.


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