I am on a search with Peter Reinhart... the search for the perfect pizza. I started reading American Pie a book about Peter's search around the world for the perfect pie two nights ago. I didn't realize how many different categories of crust there were... so for tonight I am making the Neo-Neapolitan Pizza dough tonight which is described in his book as making a pizza that makes a thin, crisp crust with airy pockets at the crown. The dough itself is described as a little sticky and a touch tricky to handle, but the payoff is in the snap when you taste that first bite. Can't wait until dinner! The dough is resting right now before it's soujourn to the refrigerator for a long rise. This dough felt so heavenly to handle. A good dough will do that... it will transport you to a small town where the local bakery is open selling fresh breads with a crisp, crackly crust that opens to reveal a warm, tender bite. Truly heavenly. I feel that for a few moments this morning I visited an wise, elderly pizziola in Naples who helped guide me in the way of the pizza. Aaah.. I even love the aroma of bread dough rising.

In other news:
**I'm pretty sure that Ryan is trying to give up his afternoon nap so this has been a little trying on me - he's up for many more hours which means many more hours of crawling around fast with him making sure he's not banging on the TV (his favorite thing to do) or getting into Jessi's stuff!! But we are having so much fun. I'm just more tired at the end of the day.

**We had our neighbors over last night and we had such a nice dinner. Jessi played so well with their 8 year old. I mean BETTER than ever with anyone else we've ever been with. I notice that she tends to get along with older kids as well as adults. Not sure if that's a first or only child thing (since I'm an only and remember being that way when I was younger).

**We got a swingset!!! YIPEE! It's for Jessi's birthday - but it really fulfills an American dream of sorts for Mike and I. We always wanted to be able to have a playground area on which the could kids. So we are just so happy and feel so fortunate to be able to do this. I smile when I look out the window and see the bright yellow and dark wood of the set!


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