I sooo love the one issue of Photoshop User that I got at my local Borders that I'm ready to take the plunge and join NAPP. One of my goals this year (before even starting digital scrapping) was to learn how to use Photoshop better... now my hobby has certainly helped. I've always had a love affair with this program and when I was doing web programming at Nasdaq I would find excuses to use it... I'd often find myself redesigning the site in my head while sitting in meetings. So when you join NAPP you get a subscription to this and a discount on Layers (which looks great but was wondering if it is still a Mac mag - and would that even matter - I'd be able to follow along with different shortcut keystrokes right)? But this magazine, stylistically seems even better.. if that's possible. So it's all a slippery slope... and the hobby that was supposed to save me money now has me wanting a Photoshop upgrade and a new camera... hmmm. Not exactly as planned! But I'm LOVIN it! Have a great weekend everyone.


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