I was so happy to discover that one of the camp counselor's at Jessi's camp finished Harry Potter so I could talk to her about it. I just handed the book off to Mike so I haven't been able to talk to anyone about it except Dena (through her blog: http://www.dbcooperfamily.blogspot.com/)... can't wait until Mike finishes!! I need to talk and hypothesize to make myself feel better about the latest book. Had a playdate with my neighbor today and had a great time. I consider hanging with this friend a playdate for me because I so enjoy talking with her!! My iPod's not working - it won't shut off or go back in the menus so I need to call Apple later today. Also on the list of things to do is to make dinner reservations for when my in-laws are coming in for a visit (the middle of next month). I tried to meet my husband for lunch today (I know this is funny since he works from home... and, hey, so do I.) But after dropping Jessi at camp we tried to meet at a real restaurant and discovered 10 minutes into that we are now at the stage where we can no longer do this. Ryan doesn't want to sit in the high chair and only wants to crawl around. So I packed up with Ryan and left; Mike got everything wrapped up to go and brought it home where we finished up at our kitchen table (which is what we should've done to begin with). Oh well... now we know for sure!! We'll try again in a year! lol!! Oh, I got this picture today from my mom (a money bouquet). She made this for her boyfriend's teenage neice! I just thought it was so cute! She's so crafty - it's no wonder where I get my love for making things from! Great job Mom!! I love you!! Now I'm off to print out my ATCs for Rhonna's ATC swap. Also on my to-do for tonight (my ME-time) finish Ryan's ABC album (minus the picture needed of him yawning - that I do NOT have). Also on the list for the week is cleaning out my FONTS and finding some new fonts that I like. Post your favorites in the comments if you'd like. Toodles!


Blogger Jenn said...

Love the money bouquet!! You must have that crafty gene, because your Mom is obviously very talented as well!

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