Just finished Harry Potter earlier in the evening so I had to do a LO because I haven't done ones in a few days (the ones I posted were done before I started - just hadn't posted them yet!). Jess and I love to do puzzles together and the moment I saw Nancie's new Aged Floral I knew I had to use it! I love this kit because my daughter always wears these colors so I knew they would go wonderfully!!! Here's the journaling: Looking back I always remember loving puzzles as a young girl. Great-Grandma Dorothy would let me help her with whatever puzzle she was working on at the time whether it be animals, a complicated city scene, or huge ones with thousands of pieces. Grandma Sandy would set up a card table for me in our living room so that I could do puzzles and still be in the same room with her. And she even bought me puzzle glue and frames so I could have a lasting reminder of my hard efforts. I just loved the thrill of so many tiny pieces, so colorful, each one having a precise place, but yet unknown to me at the beginning. I would always start with the edges and then work on the inner pieces; something I still do to this day. It seems you have inherited my puzzle gene. We started on 24 piece puzzles when you turned three but we have quickly progresses and you are already doing puzzles with 150 pieces! And tonight was the first night that upon opening a new puzzle you said that we should start with the outside edges! It seems as if my snese of order is rubbing off.


Anonymous Martha (Krash) said...

WOW do you ever do fabulous work!! LOVE your photos and your lo's! hehehe~~looks like she has your love of puzzles for sure!!

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Vigdis (BlossomNor) said...

This was a really great LO - loved the summer"ness" of it. A great blogsite by the way.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Zoe said...

Hi Lisa, I am part of your ATC group! I love your blog!! YOu are so talented at digi scrapping!! I can't wait to get your card. Cute little girl!

PS I LOVVVVE knitting too!! I haven't done much this summer, I need to get my needles out!

2:21 PM  
Blogger Kellie said...

This is just beautiful Lisa! I love your scrapping style.

10:34 PM  

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