Mom Day!

Today is the day my mom arrives in town!! This is birthday party weekend. I can't believe my little girl is going to be 4 on Monday!! This morning I told her she's getting so big and she said that's okay that she'd always be my baby girl. I could just cry. Before becoming a parent I never knew how much you could love someone. It's incredible. I just love my kids so much (I love Mike too, of course, but our love for our kids is just different - as other parents understand). Growing up you just have no idea how much your parents love you (even though they tell you)... so I'm going to give my mom an extra big hug today to thank her for loving me so much over the years because now I knew how she felt.

So this morning I'm downloading fonts. I'm needing an influx of new ones... even if I end up using the same ones over and over. LOL! I'm getting sone new script ones at dafont.com and others at scrapvillage (all FREE): One Fell Swoop, Monika, Jefferson, Freebooter Script, Lipstick Traces, Barbara Hand, Brandywine...

And in party news I think I need to get some more party goodie bags (and goodies) because more kids are coming to the party than I realized. Something like 21+. YIKES! It will be a ver cake-filled weekend. Today we're going to celebrate my mom's birthday and then tomorrow, Jessi's party... then Monday her REAL 4th birthday.

Today before it rains I'm going to dig up the mint (again) that came back. I know sounds like fun (yeah right).


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