Mom - *don't* look at this post - come back tomorrow (or if you're still reading - which I suspect you are go ahead and look since you don't like surprises)!! Finished off the pages for the ABC album... which is a good thing since I plan on giving it to my mom as her birthday present at the end of the month. Please excuse the white space (it's set for printing on the poster size at Costco and I just haven't filled the rest of it up yet)... so I thought all I had to do was add the pics but my P/Q page and my W page seemed to have vanished! So I had to redo these. Oh well. The ATCs are printed now (on HP matte photo paper - which I also printed on the back of to include all the card info like my email, name, credits, etc.) I'll go and trim them now and see if I have a corner rounder... I think I must have one of those still lying around among the dusty paper stuff.


Anonymous kim said...

You mom is SOOO going to love this!! Fabulous!!

11:05 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

This is awesome, quite possibly my very favorite thing I've seen of yours (and your work is all great, so that's saying a lot!)So the matte photo paper worked front and back, huh? Interesting, so did you just print directly on the back of your ATC and then cut them out? I ended up printing a couple on Bazzill and they turned out kind of cool.

8:07 PM  

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