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Took these for the photography challenge over at ScrapArtist. Jenn's challenge was to see household things from a different perspective... in my case I used part of my lunch yesterday! I didn't doctor anything up or crop it otherwise I would've made the tomato more to the right! But just want to get it up. When I think of cucumbers I think refreshing! And I can't have tuna without some of these..tomatoes were added just for color.. but they tasted great too!

Anyhow, Jessi's fever broke last night and she's feeling much better this morning...but Mike and I woke up not feeling quite right... with our throats a little sore. So we're not going to workout today as planned (today was going to be our make-up day, since we didn't work out yesterday). Okay so only 4 times this week.. better than nothing which is what was going on 2 weeks ago!!

Tried to have a movie night last night with Mike but we rented two bad movies... Stepford Wives (so far from the book and in your face - as if the directors and screenwriters thinks that their audience is a bunch of morons... the book was far more subtle. We turned it off after 45 minutes) then we popped in The Terminal. I like Tom Hanks but I just couldn't spend 2+ hours of my life and watch him be victimized while that stipud guy just tried to get him to break the law. We stopped after 40 minutes... right when the head guy made someone in charge of collecting the luggage carts so Tom Hank's character could no longer collect the change from returning them. I'm sure the movie redeemed itself but I couldn't sit through it. I was saddened by it, while Mike couldn't see the plausability of them not being able to find a translator at JFK in the international wing. So it was a bummer of a movie night... we'll have to pick out some other titles on our Netflix list (I'm so loving their service - we just need to pick better movies - LOL!).


Blogger jesshunt said...

lol...I fell asleep during The Terminal Lisa - totally agree!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Carrie Stephens said...

YUM! i love cucumbers.. i think that i will have some of those for lunch tomorrow :)
That movie stunk..LOL

9:17 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Glad to know which movies to stay away from!! It's always disappointing to get a stinker.

11:14 PM  

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