So I can't sleep

I am wide awake... too much excitement for Jessi's party later this morning I guess. I am such a dork. I should be sleeping. I should TOTALLY be sleeping but instead I'm here typing a blog entry. It was a good thing because I realized that I have no drinks for the adults at the party. No, not vodka, but water and sodas and stuff, although I'm sure a few of the parents wouldn't mind something stronger!!

Before I went to bed I was reading a few books that my mom bought me as gifts - it was Christmas in July for me yesterday when we went to AC Moore (or Hanukkah really)!! I read through Cathy Z's book... and part of Rebecca Sower's new book. I should start journaling more. I used to keep journals and tried to write everyday but sometime a few years ago that all stopped. Rebecca's book is inspiring me to try to do some daily writing... even if it's just recounting the days events.

I was recently reading over some entries in my journal to recover some details about our trip to Italy 4+ years ago (or as we refer to it as The Last Vacation - lol! the one before the kids came along)... I wanted to scrap some vacation pages and couldn't remember most of the details... it was so nice to be able to see what I loved about the places we saw and what I didn't love. It brought back memories. Like for instance that I wrote down what flavors of gelato we tried!! How silly - but it was a big part of our vacation... I was 7 months pregnant and so hot (perhaps a walking vacation in the heat was not an ideal pregnant woman's vacation) so we went to a gelateria at LEAST once a day... sometimes more. I was always so hungry and I threw caution to the wind! It seems that I was a chocolate chip kind of gal and Mike, consistent as he is, was and still is a mint chocolate chip kind of guy. It was neat to see those kinds of things in my own handwriting... even though I no longer *like* my handwriting. I used to have very loveable handwriting when I was younger... but I've fallen out of love. And there were details that I forgot - like taking long train rides (and the books I was reading at the time while on them)... and how many duomos there were there and that we got tired of standing in lines to see them. So instead we'd sit down and get something cold to drink and become European people watchers....

So even though I should probably start journaling again in my own handwriting, I think that just to get myself writing again I will start on the computer...in Word. The keyboard has become such an extension of myself and thought process that I just think better while sitting in front of it - the words flow more at the speed of thought than pen and paper. I may change. I, do, after all, have the right to change my mind, but for now that'll probably be my best shot at getting back into writing. And I say, WHATEVER WORKS!

Wow - so far a whole blog entry and NO interruptions from the kids. I feel like I'm able to make complete sentences and have complete thoughts. Maybe there's something to this middle-of-the-night rambling! That's why sometimes I just post a LO with very little words... those adorable little kids. It's not because I'm snooty!! LOL!


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