I finally got the chance to work out today. Two workouts; two days. So far , so good. I've been researching cameras every chance I get. I'm sure regular readers are tired of hearing about my indecision. I know I am!

Ryan has been resisting a nap today. He's finally down - but 7 hours of being awake for a baby can only mean one thing - another milestone is near. This happened with the crawling, happens with the teething... so I'm guessing that he'll be walking before the end of the day. {OK maybe not - I don't think we're all ready for that!} Need to make sure the videocamera is charged at all times and ready to go!! I'll have to post my daughter's first steps one of these days that we caught on video!! It was an amazing thing to witness {yes, I realize I'm a little biased!}.

I'm drinking water right now, are you!!?? {trying to continue and promote the healthy choices}


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