OK so I have to admit that I hate the color yellow. Not just because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do on this LO for the longest time... oh, and I also hate red. I always have since I was little. So I had to work with some fun elements to not go crazy while doing this because I thought this "story" needed to be in my daughter's album. When I look at it now I think I should've done away with that first picture to make it look nice... but I imagine sitting with my daughter when she is older telling her about her climbing up these tall steps that seemed to reach the sky and how she was fearless... surprisingly so. So that's why it's in even though I'm not pretending that all of these bright colors are pleasing to the eye! LOL! CC always welcome!

Everything from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort (except the staples - they are from Designer Digital's Fastener set).

This year we went to the Paviliion for 4th of July festivities. We love living in such a great community where they have so many activities in which we can participate! They had giant slides, a big moonbounce, BBQ sandwiches and snowcones! I didn’t expect that you would want to go on this huge slide. I thought you’d be aftaid of it. This was the biggest slide you had ever been on. But you went on it and you were HOOKED. I couldn’t get you to go on much of anything else after this. You went again and again and again!

Also included lyrics from Helter Skelter in the upper right:
When you get to the bottom
You go back to the top of the slide
And you stop and you turn
And you go for a ride
Then you get to the bottom
Then you see me again
-BEATLES/U2, Helter Skelter


Anonymous Nancie said...

Lisa, I love this layout!!! Its so fun to read your blog and see layouts that aren't posted to ScrapArtist!
Plus, I read your blog and then I have to go buy all Jen's stuff too!! LOL! She's my favorite!


12:24 PM  
Anonymous kim said...

Oh I love this, Lisa!!!

11:57 PM  
Anonymous jenn said...

this is a great lo lisa :) really captures the moment!!!

10:06 PM  

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