Worn Comfort Element Packs

Jen Wilson is one of my top 5 favorite designers! I haven't done alot of scrapping with her stuff but that's because I have recently discovered what a gem her products are. They are so life-like and real that I want to just reach into my computer screen and touch the stuff. Yes, they're that good!

I just found out that her Worn Comforts elements sets are now available at SBB!! Here's a view of the Front Porch element pack that coordinates with the Front Porch papers on the Worn Comfort CD. I just bought all of the ones available! I want to be her apprentice! Hey, Jen, a reality TV show anytime soon? So go grab these now and they just happen to be on sale too... each are only $2!!! (And no, I'm don't receive any kickbacks from this, and I'm not on her design team - maybe next time! -- I just simply know good design when I see it).


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