Yea, after several days off from real scrapping I got a chance to do one. This was a really funny event that made my husband and I laugh so hard! The fact that Jessi thought about how her brother was going to someday start crawling (this took place last month, mind you, before he could actually crawl) and that she had to clean up her room so there'd be no toys for him to grab and possibly break or worse - PLAY WITH!... was just so cute to us!! I called this LO: Where Did Everything Go? Journaling: "After I helped you brush your teeth I went to go get Daddy so we could read a story and sing bedtime songs. When we came in we were greeted by you... and, oddly enough, a VERY clean room. Now don?t get me wrong, your room is usually clean, since you are a product of me and Dad but this was even cleaner than normal. You had a determined look on your face and stood with your hands on your hips. You carefully explained that you had to clean up your room and get everything up off the floor so that your brother wouldn?t be able to get to any of your toys when he, eventually learns to crawl. You are so cute. Ryan can?t crawl yet... and probably won?t for a little while, but it?s always good to be prepared!"

Papers and epoxy stickers from ScrapArtist's Sweet Shop, staple from Fair Trade kit, photo turn from ScrapArtist Metals. Bow from joint venture Independence kit (ScrapArtist and SMDesigns).

Fonts: Mechanical Fun, TW Cent, SF-Remember


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