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Hey everyone - I'm testing out moving my blog to TypePad. So please visit me at my new home at http://lisacohen.typepad.com . If all works out I will make it permanent!! There are some great features over there... including a new feature - my Photo Journal (is on the right hand side of over at Typepad) that I plan to showcase a daily photograph from my life. Please let me know what you think. :-)


Scrap-Artist All Day CROP!

Can't believe that I haven't posted this yet here.... go get some FREE papers from the talented designers at ScrapArtist. And all day Sunday, Aug 28 there will be crops with links to matching elements. Here's the crop line-up:

10:00AM EST: Ad Challenge with Monique and Dani.

1:00PM EST: Sketch Challenge with ME!

4:00PM EST: Font Challenge with Cindy and Stephanie.

7:00PM EST: Scraplift Challenge with Jessica and Lyndsay.

10:00PM EST: Art Inspiration Challenge with Nancie, Michelle and Dianne! This one is a Surprise! They will be giving you a fabulous mini kit!

11:00PM EST: Ad Inspiration Challenge with Andrea and Jenn.

So please join us in the ScrapArtist Chat Room!!


No cropping...no color correction...no fancy grunge border... no level adjustment. This is real life photography to capture a silly moment. Restroom doors usually remain closed but this time Jessi had just finished going potty. See with the first child we had those toilet locks that most of our adult guests would have near-accidents just trying to figure out how to open the %$&* things. But with the second one... well Jessi still needs to be able to go to the bathroom without asking us to open the tiolet every time....So we just have to keep the doors closed because someone likes to play with water - of any kind. Not exactly what I have in mind when I think of modern-day eau de toilette.

Lots of excitement!

Great news on the allergy front. I called up the dr. that we went to see 2 weeks ago and we got the results back from his blood test - and HE'S OUTGROWN HIS WHEAT AND DAIRY allergy!!! WAHOOOO. I don't know if I could shout that any loudly! This is FANTASTIC - which means he WON'T NEED to be on formula for all of next year and possibly beyond. He'll be able to switch to milk relatively soon after turning one. And for his first birthday I won't need to be making the brown rice birthday cake (even though I now have $45 worth of allergy baking products). And the tests also showed that he is no longer allergic to corn, oatmeal, peas, bananas, or millet. He is still VERY allergic to eggs, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Who cares?! The kid can eat a piece of plain bread should the desire for anything other than purees strike his fancy (given that no eggs were in said bread - hey that rhymed).

I'm also so excited because I signed Jessi up for dance class!! It's a ballet and tap class (but for age range and there's a recital at the end - how cute!!). I'm not really a girlie-girl but this makes me giddy! I don't know if it's a right of passage thing, or because I did it when I was younger, or because we're trying something different, or because she'll wear a cute little leaotard... but I am just so happy about this. And maybe this will get me into the girlie spirit! Maybe I will be able to embrace my inner-girlie-girl. She must be lurking somewhere in there! So here's a photo as we are trying on some ballet shoes that we bought for class.

And tap shoes too!


Here's a LO I did tonight. HOP (Hooked on Phonics) Time - Summer 2005

Papers and hemp tie from Beach Day by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals (tag made by me from Beach Day papers), Alpha Weathered Round (time) from Michelle Coleman

"My goal this summer was to teach you to read. I don�t know why I picked this to be our project. Why not how to be more comfortable on your big girl bike? I guess it�s because Ryan was still taking naps so I wanted to stay close to home and it was a very hot and buggy summer so I wanted to stay inside. We always suspected that you were very advanced for your age. So why not try! We had started using BOB books with much success but I wanted something more structured for us to follow so I bought Hooked on Phonics at Costco. Most days when Ryan went down for his first nap we would go to the kitchen table and do some HOP Time. Every time you finished reading a story you put a sticker up on our sticker chart. It is so much fun seeing your progress. Summer�s end is near and you can read well over 200 words! I�m so proud of you!"

Fonts Batik Regular, Klill-LightTallX

Doesn't everything look better with a white sheet and some indirect window light!! Introducing Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread that wouldn't come out of the pan - so I photgraphed it in the pan!! A BIGGG HELLO to my new friend Wendy (if you're catching up and reading blogs today)!! I did NO scrapping last night because all I did was chat with her! So fun! I hope Sophie gets well soon! And to Abby - hope lil A get's better in time to for your trip to FL!

Some of our projects over the past 3 days... making pesto with basil from the garden.

And making a bouquet of flowers.



Today was the last day of gymnastics - and I don't think we'll be signing up again for the next session - so it's only fitting to share a LO I did of Jessi at her class earlier in the session. Stitching from Katie Periet at Designer Digitals...everything else from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort.


Two posts in one day. Wow. Inspired by my friend Abby (who made a cute invitation for her daughter's upcoming 2nd bday), I decided to go ahead and make one too (a little later than I should have since his party is now less than 2 weeks away)... hopefully some people will be able to show up on short notice. I used Gina Cabrera's new Virtual Ink CD. I can't belive this is the first thing I've done with this CD - need to do more since the I love the color schemes in the kits and the papers have great texture (and I'm all about texture).

Just started an ABC vacation album for the holiday gift (for my in-laws and I'm going to re-word some of it and give one to Jessi too for Hanukkah - it's my top secret project and she thinks it's so funny that I am working on a surprise for her). I am scrap-lifting Heather Ann Melzer from her vacation album in Scrapbooks, Etc. Very simple design so that the pictures take the center stage. My pages are 6x6 (not sure which size she used in the mag - but I wanted to be able to easily fit a few on a page and have something small enough for the grandparents to carry around with them to show their friends). I'm using Gina Cabrera's Spring Fling kit. Fonts are Klill-LightTallX and Punch Label. I'll post some more in the upcoming weeks.


Winery Festival LO

This LO is from a recent festival we attended at a winery nearby. Elements from Designer Digitals (chipboard) and Worn Comfort by Jen Wilson (papers and ribbon).


A Practice in Patience - Pre-term Labor

This is for the first page in my daughter's first year baby album. I was orignially planning to make a single page about pre-term labor and bedrest for the baby book but clearly with this much journaling it needed to be a double spread. So I'm going to do a title page (I'm thinking something like one picture from every month of her first year - "What a difference a year makes")... won't go into the journaling for this because I'd fill up the whole blogger server! The more I look at this the more I realize that I should have put a picture of me on bedrest here (but I love this sonogram picture - it's our favorite - and she still has the same profile). Oh well. Don't feel like changing it right now! Want to be done with a layout. The feeling of completion of something! Small celebrations.


Papers by Michelle Underwood (Aged to Perfection - love this - hope she does more like this - vintage-y - hope you're reading this Mich!); Alphas by Ali Folendore. I've been admiring these alpha and then when I saw them in a LO Pattie (ptknox) did for the Mix-It-Up challenge over at 2Peas. I had to buy them. Thanks Pattie (for the inspiration hope you don't mind if I lift your title idea - and Ali for creating these gems!).

My dd and I always say this to each other. We used to save it for our bedtime ritual but sometime we say it randomly. This is how it started out but sometime we change roles and she starts now.

"Mommy: I love you up to the sky and back down again, and around the world INFINITY times.

J: Whoa, that's a lot!"


Since we very rarely are in pictures together anymore I had to post this. It's from this past weekend right before one of our special dinners OUT.


I've had a scrapping block lately... or maybe it's that when I felt creativity come I wasn't able to scrap and then when I'd have time I'd sit in front of my computer and not have a clue as to where I should start. So I looked at the eye-candy in Rebecca Sower's book again. I love fabric and texture and stitching so I get so happy looking at her creative layouts. I also started going through the earlier files of pictures that I have.

There are SO MANY pictures that are scrapable... not because they are of professional quality but because there is so much that I want to remember and show the kids when they get bigger. Not to mention the vacation stuff that I want to be able to look back on when I'm old and grey and sitting on a porch swing with Mike. So below is a LO with some of those older pics.

And by the way, the color in these papers remind me of childhood. Why you ask?? I was the only kid in town that asked for her room to be, NO - not pink or lavender. No I was WAAY more original (or outdated) than that - I asked for GREEN, ORANGE, and YELLOW! Yep, 2 of my walls were wallpapered with plaid in these colors and the other 2 were painted solid green. Enough of that!

Here's "Wings of Fancy", Brookside Gardens, May 2003

"When we walked into the butterfly atrium, all around us were verdant plants and jeweled flowers. It was humid and we were at the entrance of what looked like a giant greenhouse. It didn�t seem like there were all that many butterflies. But when we looked closer we realized we were surrounded by them. On many of the flowers and in special �sweet plates� carefully placed among the gardens there were butterflies aplenty. There were no strollers allowed inside so it was hard to see all the beauty that this exhibit had to offer since we were chasing after you - our very curious toddler. But we were able to get a glimpse of a cocoon house that contained hundreds oft caterpillars in various stages of becoming a butterfly. After we finished this exhibit we wandered the grounds of Brookside Gardens. You were most interested in a fountain we encountered along our walk."

Jen WIlson's Worn Comfort Aunt Ida's Sunroom

Fonts: Carpenter, Typewriter, Tw Cent, Misproject


Here's a LO for Feb for my ds first year baby book (to which I've commited 2-page spreads)Credits: Michelle Underwood's Boys of Summer page kit. R alpha and leaf from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort Elements kits (Afternoon Lagoon and Toasted Oatmeal), scraplift of a page in Ali Edward's A Designer's Eye.

You sleep in your room for naps and bedtime but still mostly in the bouncer mostly. We have established a bedtime routine now. First we make sure you�re not hungry, then we change your diaper, then I read Brown Brown, Brown Bear What Do You See? By Bill Martin, Jr. After that Jessi reads, from memory, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, and then we sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star using hand motions. While we sing, you wildly wave your arms around and kick your legs to let us know how excited you are...and probably also to show us you appreciate our routine so that you know what to expect of your day. You go to bed at 7. Mom wakes you to feed you at 10:30. You wake up to eat at 5:00am to eat. Then sleep until 7:00am. Your 6-9 month outfits are getting snug! You are huge. On Feb 9, you weigh 16 lbs, 2 oz!! At the beginning of the month you start grabbing at toys and are interested in more than just your hands. On Feb 5, you sat up for the first time without support. Then you leaned into Daddy�s legs for help. You first visit the District on Feb 13 to go to The Museum of Natural History. You first slept through the night on Feb 13, but didn�t make it a habit until Feb 24, when you slept through the night 5 nights in a row! On Feb 19 I started to wean you to formula at the advice of your gastroenterologist due to your rash, eczema, and allergies. You hated formula AND the bottle. It took so long to get an OUNCE into you and then you threw it up (you were allergic to the hypoallergenic formula) and you wanted to eat from Mommy. I gave up dairy foods in hopes that it would help. Yes, I gave up bagels with chive cream cheese - my fave. But you�re worth it. At the end of the month, I took you for a hernia check - thank goodness that came out negative - and also to the dermatologist for your persistent rash.

Font: Garamond


This weekend was so perfect for reconnecting with Mike! We were able to go out to dinner two nights in a row because his parents love watching the kids and letting us get out (since we're very hesitant to get babysitters - okay it's all my fault really - it's hard to find a good one - and I don't trust my kids in the hands of just anyone). I can't even remember the last time I was at a movie theater but I went to one Fri night and saw Wedding Crashers - it was hysterical! Mike and I were laughing our heads off and then after it ended we laughed some more by retelling our favorite or otherwise memorable parts in our trademark silly voices. Great, harmless, non-thinking fun.

And then last night we went to dinner and then Barnes and Noble... I hung out in the photography section and found a nice book for amateurs that had one of the most moving photos I had ever seen. The book was How to Photograph Your Baby by Nick Kelsh. The story was of a blue-collar working man who had just become a father (many years ago) who took a picture of his hand holding his newborn son's hand. And each year, thereafter, around his son's birthday he would take that same simple picture. His hand with his son's hand. When looking back over the pictures (after around 25-30 years or so, I imagine) the first half of the pictures show the son's growth, with the father's hand mainly unchanged. The strong fahter holding to hand of his growing son. And then the second half of the photos show the son's hands now as a grown man and the father's hands changing showing signs of aging. And then the last photo was the hands of the grown son, the aging father, and another new hand in the photo... that of the little granddaughter. I cried. Tears were pouring down my face and I must have made some little holding-back-the-tears-sounds because the woman in the nearby art section glanced over at me. Oh well.

So I decided right then and there that I would HAVE to do this with the kids (and maybe even just Mike and I). And you can be sure that the next photo challenge I help out with over at ScrapArtist will BE THIS! I can't imagine a more powerful visual representation of the strength of family, and passing of time than this. What a great idea. And the rest of the book was helpful and had photography that appealed to me... And the same author has another book called How to Photograph Your Family. I will have to see if my local library has these. I was suprised, in general, at how many mediocre photography books were sitting on the shelves. I guess they just weren't my style.

So anyway, here's a photo of my daughter at her gymnastics class swinging on the rope. I used the sports setting. I would have liked to have had more of a blur in the background but I'll need to not be holding Ryan in my other hand and have a tripod probably for the effect I'm going for... and a better command of manual. I tried to use manual in some impromtu family Candyland shots but it wasn't turning out well so I switched to Aperture priority and full auto at some of them. Oh well - I need more practice. Hope to get to work out today since we've taken a few days off (our guest room is on the same level as our home gym). But I definitely need to work off some of the gluttonous dining that's been going on!!


Did this LO about 2 weeks ago and forgot to post it. Journaling:
"This is quickly becoming one of my favorite pictures of you. You have only been here a short time. Only ten and a half months. But your life is well documented through photos. This photograph has become special to me because in it I see something important: you find delight in life�s simple pleasures. You discovered the light on the carpet and crawled over to it. You reached out to touch it. To play. To see if there was any reaction. There were no beeping sounds or flashing lights like most of your toys. Only the radiant light of Mother Nature entering our home. Bringing warmth. Bringing wonder. And it still held your interest. You found delight. In the simple act of playing with light."

Audobon Paper Set, Vintage Classroom, staples, Simply Stamped Boy by Katie Pertiet from Designer Digitals.

Fonts: Misproject, Garamond ITC


Hopkins report

It took me 1 hr 45 minutes to get to the doctor's at Johns Hopkins and 2 hours to get back... not to mention the looong wait there before we even got to see the doctor. Iit's been a looong day.

The doctor was great though, and really helped to put my mind at ease. He said that Ryan will need to stay on formula for most, if not all, of his second year (instead of stopping in a month and switching to milk, be it soy, rice, whatever). He has some patients that are 3 and even 7 that still take formula as part of their nutrition, but that's rare. He said that it may be hard to transition him from the bottle at the "normal age" and he may not give it up until he's through with the formula as his main nutrition.

Ryan had his blood drawn to get more accurate results to the allergy test since skin tests are contraindicated for patients with eczema (who knew?! we had a skin test last time even though his skin was sooooo bad). So we should know in 2 weeks what he is REALLY allergic too and, hopefully, be able to start introducing new foods - other than the 6 he eats right now. The plebotomist was awful. For most of the time my head was turned so I couldn't/wouldn't see but I looked over from time to time and saw that she stuck the needle in and was then fishing around for the vein while it was in my poor baby's arm. Then since she couldn't find it in his left arm she went fishing again in his right. He was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. And at the end of it all he was so pale and then blotchy red and sweaty. What a tough day he had! I gave him extra hugs and kisses when it was all over.

The doctor wasn't worried about his limited food texture tolerance... he said it's quite normal for patients with reflux and severe food allergies to have problems with textures in food up until they're 3 so I may need to be carrying around baby food with me for a long time to come... and to go on a food strike (which we've had over the past few days). Since reflux/allergy kids have such a negative association with foods they often protest.

So this is more than you probably needed or wanted to know about this whole thing (except for you, Mom!). And we get to go back in a year for re-testing to see if he's outgrown any of it. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

always CLIMB THAT TREE even if you're wearing a dress. This LO was for the Launch CD crop for Jen WIlson's Layers. Brushed edges and staples by Michelle Coleman available at ScrapArtist, background paper, seek adventure tag, leaf, flower from Summer Travels, polka dot paper and small photo matte from Worn Comfort.

the BIG DAY and Blue Mystery solved?

So I think the blueish cast on some of my photos were caused by either 1) a very hot day, 2) having Tungsten set as my white balance... I've since set it to auto. We'll see how that goes. Thanks to all the Peas over at the Photog forum who helped.

Today is the big day... the day we've all been waiting for (at least in our family). Our doctor's appt. with the pediatric allergest who's the best in the area. We've been waiting MONTHS for this appt. Hopefully we will have some answers after this visit. It will take at least 1.5 hours there and 1.5 hours back! I hope that we don't have to wait too long once we get there. The patience level of an 11 month old, even a good-natured one, is only so long! I have a feeling that we'll get re-tested since doctors usually do a re-test if allergies are still an issue at about one year old... and we're one month shy of that. I'm going to ask for them to include a few foods that I suspect in their tests that they don't normally include in their intial battery of tests.

And later today my in-laws will be in for a long weekend. Looking forward to spending some time with them.

No scrapping done last night - I spent a few quiet hours with my camera and my owner's manual last night. It was great fun!! No, really IT WAS! I learned how amazing cameras can be these days. My camera has so many great features and now I know how to use most of them. My goal is to shoot in manual and I did this a little last night (on my ceiling fan and drapes in low lighting - hey, it's what I had) and experimented with things I had never heard of before (like AE Lock and exposure bracketing - I think that's what they were called).

I recently discovered that my favorite digital designer (on who's design team I'm NOT on) is coming out with another new CD... she just came out with one a few months ago. Jen Wilson has not heeded my request of slowing down on production for my wallet's sake! So there's a crop tonight at 8EST (the best time for me) so you can be sure that I'll be there. And I'm told there will be goodies. The CD goes on sale tomorrow but I'm probably not going to buy it right now (I stress the word probably). Alot of the colors are similar to the ones on the Worn Comfort... and I want to wait and see the elements packs that go with it (if there are any). But I have very little willpower so you never know!


My challenge this week at ScrapArtist.com is to find a LO that needs a MAKEOVER!! This photo has been bugging me for the past few months. I have now scrapped it 3 times. I'm not a total perfectionist but rather I was trying different styles and techniques and wasn't completely satisfied with how they each came out. So dig into the depths of your hard drive, find a LO in need of a makeover, and join me over at the ScrapArtist forums. Come to think of it **I** could use a makeover... new glasses, stylish clothes, a new 'do.... ah well - it's just easier (and cheaper) to do a layout! lol! Everything in this LO was from the free crop kit from last night's ScrapArtist chat called Life is a Bistro.


blue tinted photo

I forgot to mention that I'm not sure why the color in the most recent photo post was bluish! I can't remember what my camera settings were. But thanks Abby for the compliment. It was very unitentional but I just wanted to post it quick and didn't have time to futz around in PS!

Tons of ideas

I bought Simple Scrapbooks and Scrapbooks, etc. from my grocery store yesterday and while I haven't read through them totally yet I saw a bunch of great ideas that I'd love to somehow incoporate into my scrapping...

Here are a few:
-AAM page in Simple Scrapbooks with that heartfelt letter about the reader who lost her sister and nephew in a tragic accident and how there were so few pictures of them with others and information about who they really were
-School album by Renee Villalobos-Campos - an entire album where each school year is summed up in two pages (with teachers names, classmates) and the best part for me was the page where she is going to capture her son's signature on one page at the start of each school year so her son will be able to see how his signature has evolved from childhood to manhood. I just loved this. (I will need to rescrap a page for this but will gladly because I think it will be worth it).
-Birthday party album in Simple Scrapbooks - I loved this but wasn't sure if or how I was going to do this. I don't want to re-scrap Jessi's birthdays just yet... so I don't think I will incorporate this now but it's food for thought for the future. I like that both of my kids' first year albums will include their first birthday in it... but I also like the idea of having all of the birthday parties in one place... anyone do something like this or thinking about it?


I love getting flowers from this girl. While we were out walking the dog a few days ago I hear giggles... Jessi yells to me, "I'm going to have a surprise for you but you can't look at what I'm doing". So cute. Clover flowers have never looked so beautiful!


We went out to a winery today for their blackberry festival. I don't particularly like blackberries (the seeds and all) but that's okay because we just went for the wine tasting and hanging out with the kids. We were supposed to meet our cousins (sorry Paula) but it just didn't work out since Ryan took a super long nap. Mike and I had a delicious adult dinner (Thanks Paula!) last night. We went to a Japanese steak house and ate ourselves silly. And because that wasn't enough we went out to Maggie Moo's for ice cream. I tell you I'm the one mooing. I feel like a cow. But we don't get out to eat much so we figured we'd live it up! And we worked out this morning together. I ran - and it kicked my butt again. The elliptical is so much easier for me. But Mike wanted the elliptical so I sweated buckets on the 'mill. It was so hot out today and there's supposed to be more of the same tomorrow so the only rational thing to do is go to the pool. So that's my goal tomorrow - that and go food shopping because we are running severely low on EVERYTHING! Anyway, in scrapping news I've been working on this layout since yesterday and I finally finished it tonight. It's for last month to go into Ry's baby album. I'm not caught up but wanted to last month before doing some of the other ones that are waiting to be scrapped.

"This month brought lots of crawling adventures. If we�re playing in your room and leave your door open for even the slightest moment you head out for discovery. You love crawling into Jessi�s room to make music with her keyboard and then practicing standing while holding onto her dollhouse. Then you�ll crawl into your bathroom to pull up on the tub and remove your bath toys from the basket. Bang Bang Bang go the bath cups! Often, you�ll try to get into Dad�s office. So many books to try to take off the shelves! Towards the end of the month you try to take only one nap on some days� there�s just to much you want to see and too many things with which to play. Your favorite toy is any ball you can find. It can be a small firm one that goes to a toy or a large squishy one � as long as it�s round and rolls you�re happy. I get so much joy watching you chase after it as it rolls on the hardwood floors."

Credits: Papers, adventure ribbon, and embellished tag from Wild Hearts Can't Be Tamed by Jen WIlson, Slide holders, brown ribbon, beaded twine, criss-cross staples, compass, and belt with buckle from Summer Travels by Jen Wilson and Lauren Bird, white straight and zig-zag stitching by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.


We have Jessi's 4 year check-up today. And I haven't told her yet - but she has to get a shot this time!! This is precisely why I haven't told her... I'm going to need that kiddie sausage thing that they used in the emergency room (when getting the bead out of her nose) on Monday - it was a big velcro thing that wrapped around her body and didn't allow for any movement. I think we'll hit the bookstore before we go to waste some time and get out of the house for a bit...and I'm going to see if they have Understanding Exposure... my library doesn't have it. But I did put another of the same author's books on hold. So here's a LO about my doggie. I've never scrapped about her and she certainly deserves a space (and a few more will surely follow in the future... I just have to find my fave picture of her - from before we went digital and scan it in).
"How do you always know when I�m cutting up a cucumber? As soon as I start peeling and chopping, you come running. Even if you�re under the couch in your secret hiding place. Even if you�re upstairs in Jessi�s room eating her wooden dolls. Even if you�re chomping on your bone in your doggie bed. You sit right at my feet until I give you your share. The Linky Cucumber Tax. A deliciously tasty tradition. Photo taken July 2005."

Papers from Grass Sand and Sea, Home stamp, and staples by Katie Pertiet from Designer Digitals. Paw eyelets from Faitheful Friend kit by Gina Cabrera - Digital Design Essentials.

Fonts: Garamond and Century Gothic


It feels good to scrap again. It's been a few days since I did some real scrapping. I've had thank you notes to write (but none of them are mailed yet). And I've worked on some journaling (sparked by Rebecca Sower's book) for future LOs - so this could be considered scrap planning! I've also been trying to learn how to use my camera. Yes I know you turn it on and then press the button... but I mean really USE it... like in manual mode and understand how things work together... I took pictures for my "assignment #1" at MorgueFile's free photography class (thanks Kim for telling me about this!). I'll post some of them as soon as I upload them. The class is great so far. Check it out at MorgueFile.

So this LO was fun to do because I love grunge and I love texture... and Michelle Coleman's Sentimental Journey kit has both (and more). I kept it simple because I wanted to actually complete a LO tonight instead of stare at a screen trying to think of what I wanted to do. I love this quote from Dr. Seuss! And I have to tell you Michelle and Nancie couldn't be any classier! They simply rock and are so much fun to work with! Love you girls!


What a colorful beads. What tiny beads. I wonder if that blue bead would fit in my nostril. That's what Jessi must have been thinking yesterday when she stuck that blue bead up her nose making for a birthday spent, in part, in the emergency room removing the foreign object from her nose! Ahhhh, memories of childhood. And when we were all finished we got in the car to drop my mom off at the airport and Jessi's first question was, "I wonder what color that bead was that was stuck in my nose." It was blue, honey, the bead was blue.


Happy Birthday Jessica!!! Today you're 4! I can't believe it has already been 4 years since you came into our hearts. I am truly blessed.