the BIG DAY and Blue Mystery solved?

So I think the blueish cast on some of my photos were caused by either 1) a very hot day, 2) having Tungsten set as my white balance... I've since set it to auto. We'll see how that goes. Thanks to all the Peas over at the Photog forum who helped.

Today is the big day... the day we've all been waiting for (at least in our family). Our doctor's appt. with the pediatric allergest who's the best in the area. We've been waiting MONTHS for this appt. Hopefully we will have some answers after this visit. It will take at least 1.5 hours there and 1.5 hours back! I hope that we don't have to wait too long once we get there. The patience level of an 11 month old, even a good-natured one, is only so long! I have a feeling that we'll get re-tested since doctors usually do a re-test if allergies are still an issue at about one year old... and we're one month shy of that. I'm going to ask for them to include a few foods that I suspect in their tests that they don't normally include in their intial battery of tests.

And later today my in-laws will be in for a long weekend. Looking forward to spending some time with them.

No scrapping done last night - I spent a few quiet hours with my camera and my owner's manual last night. It was great fun!! No, really IT WAS! I learned how amazing cameras can be these days. My camera has so many great features and now I know how to use most of them. My goal is to shoot in manual and I did this a little last night (on my ceiling fan and drapes in low lighting - hey, it's what I had) and experimented with things I had never heard of before (like AE Lock and exposure bracketing - I think that's what they were called).

I recently discovered that my favorite digital designer (on who's design team I'm NOT on) is coming out with another new CD... she just came out with one a few months ago. Jen Wilson has not heeded my request of slowing down on production for my wallet's sake! So there's a crop tonight at 8EST (the best time for me) so you can be sure that I'll be there. And I'm told there will be goodies. The CD goes on sale tomorrow but I'm probably not going to buy it right now (I stress the word probably). Alot of the colors are similar to the ones on the Worn Comfort... and I want to wait and see the elements packs that go with it (if there are any). But I have very little willpower so you never know!


Blogger becky said...

Jen Wilson's got a new CD coming out? No way! Where have I been? I don't NEED this. I really don't! It's not fair! I just bought all the element packs to go with the Worn Comforts CD. She knows I can't resist her. The power of her papers overwhelms me and I succumb every time! Noooooooooo!!!!! I'm going down....I can feel it!!

1:27 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Did you get it??? I've been sitting on my hands so as not to hit the 'buy' button!

1:12 AM  

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