Here's a LO I did tonight. HOP (Hooked on Phonics) Time - Summer 2005

Papers and hemp tie from Beach Day by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals (tag made by me from Beach Day papers), Alpha Weathered Round (time) from Michelle Coleman

"My goal this summer was to teach you to read. I don�t know why I picked this to be our project. Why not how to be more comfortable on your big girl bike? I guess it�s because Ryan was still taking naps so I wanted to stay close to home and it was a very hot and buggy summer so I wanted to stay inside. We always suspected that you were very advanced for your age. So why not try! We had started using BOB books with much success but I wanted something more structured for us to follow so I bought Hooked on Phonics at Costco. Most days when Ryan went down for his first nap we would go to the kitchen table and do some HOP Time. Every time you finished reading a story you put a sticker up on our sticker chart. It is so much fun seeing your progress. Summer�s end is near and you can read well over 200 words! I�m so proud of you!"

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